How To Edit This Wiki

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The other restriction is that you need to be logged in using your FlyerTalk handle, which needs to be at least 90 days old, and you need to have made at least 90 posts on FlyerTalk.

The owner of flyerguide has given his permission to use any material from that Wiki here if you still have it. You may have to use to find old material.

For an introduction to editing Wikis, see this page. For an explanation of how to control formatting, see this page on Wiki markup language.


Facts are great. Avoid speaking in first person ("I") since this is a Wiki, not a forum post with your name attached to it, where it is clear who you are and that you're expressing opinion. Think of the Wiki as a repository for knowledge, rather than opinion.

If an "edit war" occurs (two editors with different views for how a page should look), use PMs and Discussion Pages to resolve the difference rather than continuously reverting the other person's edits. Eventually a moderator will step in and make a decision. After that, continuing to edit war can relieve you of your Wiki privileges.