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The Flyers' lounge is the place to ask questions when you're confused, lost, afraid, tired, annoyed, thoughtful, or helpful. Please check the FAQ and Help page before asking a question, though, since that may save your time and others'.

Please add new questions at the bottom of the page and sign your post by appending four tildes (~~~~) to it, but otherwise plunge forward!

  • If you have a question or suggestion about a particular article, try [[Flyertalk Wiki::using talk pages|using talk pages]] to keep the discussion specific to that article.


Keeping the lounge clean is a group effort. If we have too many conversations on this page, it will get too noisy and hard to read. If you see an old conversation (i.e. dormant for a month or more) that could or should be moved to another page, please do so, and note there that it has been swept in from the lounge.

  • A question regarding a destination article should be swept to that article's discussion page
  • A discussion regarding a policy or the subject of an expedition can be swept to that policy or expedition discussion page
  • A simple question asked by a user can be swept to that user's talk page, but consider if the documentation needs a quick update to make it clearer for the next user with the same question.
  • A pointer to a discussion going on elsewhere, such as a notice of a star nomination or or a request to comment on another talk page, can be removed when it is two months old. Any discussion that occurred in the pub can be swept to where the main discussion took place.

Any discussions that do not fall into any of these categories, and are not of any special importance for posterity, should be archived to Flyertalk Wiki:Flyers' lounge/Archives and removed from here. If you are not sure where to put a discussion, leave it alone—it's better to spend your efforts on those that you do know where to place.

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Hi everyone!

The pre-filled headings on status programs, can these be changed? Elite Status Level for example is a term used primarily by US Programs, in the Emirates Skywards program the more correct term would be Skywards tiers or tier levels. However I also recognize a need to keep headings standard so users can easily find the information they seek across programs, the Help and FAQ pages etc are all empty, so is this the right place to be asking?

Skywardhunter (talk) 01:09, 11 September 2017 (PDT)

Let's get this Wiki community humming!

Hi all! A few key pointers for us Wiki people:

  1. When adding a comment to a discussion, be sure to indent your comment one space from the one above it, by inserting a full colon at the beginning of your comment.
  2. When you make a comment, be sure to sign your name! Do so by adding four consecutive tildes (~) at the end of your comment (it will change to your Wiki signature when you save!).
  3. Use this Flyers Lounge as a place to discuss anything related to the Wiki in general -- or to grab the attention of the Wiki community.
  4. For User-specific concerns, or things related to a specific page, use that user's (or page's) DISCUSSION tab. Click on it -- if it's red, you will be CREATING that page (super easy) -- if it's blue, there's already something there, so you can edit it.
  5. Don't be shy about editing -- if you mess it up, you (or someone else) can easily revert any changes that are made :)
  6. Most new content can be added simply by finding an existing section or page, and copy/pasting that section to a new place, and changing the text. Formatting is easy!
  7. When you make an edit, be sure to put a few words into the SUMMARY box at the bottom of the edit window -- it's very useful for people tracking edits on the Wiki!
  8. Create your own USER PAGE and USER DISCUSSION PAGE! Just find one of your edits in the HISTORY tab, click on your red username, and you'll be taken to your page. Tell people about yourself!
  9. Use other peoples' USER DISCUSSION pages to ask them about changes they made to a program you're both working on, or just to thank them for their nice work :)
  10. Have fun!!!

IBobi (talk) 16:55, 19 September 2017 (PDT)