Crazy Herb at Southwest Airlines

Herb Kelleher, the founder and chairman emeritus of Southwest Airlines, is at his desk wearing a white Stetson and pouring a shot of Wild Turkey. He’s got that friendly Texas why-don’t-you-join-me shine in his eyes. Business can wait.

Plain Old Tires Blown on Three Planes

The Dreamliner is a magnificent fuel-efficient flying machine. I’m going with the teething-problem theory regarding the FAA grounding. But if you’re jettisoning Boeing stock, you might want to consider Bridgestone or Goodyear. Blown tires are in the news.

China Grounds North Korea’s Air Koryo

Here is a scene. Amid the various incantations of Airbus 300s and Boeing 700s throbbing at Beijing’s PEK airport, a weird looking that-can’t-possibly-fly aircraft lands from Pyongyang. The pilot, heady with triumph, tumbles out of his harness and kisses the ground, thanking the Motherland for declaring this his last flight.

Introducing a Sweeping New Column The World’s Most Popular Frequent Flyer Community with a half-million users. Right now – 7:13 a.m. Mountain Time – 10,342 of them are online. There are more than a million threads. Nearly 20 million posts rolling along like water in a mighty stream. As a cortical workout, it can get demanding. So why The Wing?

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