Just Say No to Hockey Sticks on Planes

Beginning April 25, Swiss Army knives are back in the aircraft. Flight attendant unions don’t like it. But it’s the now-permissible hockey stick I’m worried about. No way I’m sitting near anyone packing that kind of heat.

Ryanair Follows Rainbow to Boeing Pot O’ Gold

Just in time for St. Patty’s, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary is dropping $8 billion to order 200 Boeing 737 NGs.

The Tarmac’s Index

Profit for the top 10 U.S. airlines (1) in 2012: $152 million (2) Profit for the top 10 U.S. airlines in 2011:  $390 million Profit for the top 10 U.S. airlines in 2010:  $3.7 billion (3) Profit for Starbucks in 2012: $1.4 billion (4) Cost of the new America Express Centurion Lounge Card: $7,500 one-time…

Undercover Pants Bomb May Show Systemic Security Flaws

Newark Airport, Terminal B, 11 AM, Feb.25, 2013. A man with an improvised explosive device walks through a metal detector at B1 checkpoint. He gets a secondary pat down and a green light to board. It’s freaky.

Flatpack Your Bags: Ikea Hotels Are Coming to Europe

Suppose you check into a hotel room and it’s missing the one dowel that holds it all together. And the television is fake and you have to walk through the bathroom furnishings, then past the linens and storage ideas to find the exit.

What Would You Do if You Found $7K at the Airport?

So this part-time worker, a mother at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta airport finds $7,000 cash in an envelope alongside the curb of the drop-off zone. She does the right thing. The owner of the money gets it back. End of story. Or not.

A Gumshoe on the Trail of Virgin’s Little Red

The sultry late afternoon air, composed of equal parts diesel fumes and dumpster rot, wafted in the London city office window where I was poaching desk space. I had my feet up and was investigating the contents of a Jim Beam bottle to the sounds of The Rolling Stones when my phone vibrated.

Frequent Fliers are Sexy

It’s because of Brian Cohen at The Gate. I can’t shake his steamy love-at-35,000-feet-“soooooo romantic” blog appearing the day after Valentine’s Day. “Fictitious story” he wrote. I wonder?

Google Wants a Private Airport

You’re nobody till somebody builds you an airport. Search “Google airport” and you’ve got mail. You’re nobody when you land corporate jets on the tarmac with oh so public planes. Google’s corporate fleet is planning new digs alongside Mineta San Jose International Airport.

Alaska Airlines Paves the Way for Satellite Guidance

There are places in the world, places like Alaska, where storms, wind shear and scare-the-copilot topography demands top-gun aviators and get-it-done airlines with state-of-the-art navigation leading to the outer envelope of permissibility.

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