Dreamliner Gets Thumbs Up

Dreamliner pilots are donning silk scarves and hanging airport parking passes on rearview mirrors. They’ll be back to work Tuesday. Wednesday at the latest.

South Korean Flight Attendants Can Finally Wear Pants

It’s late. I’m alone in a hotel room. I just Goggled “South Korean flight attendants in trousers.” Now I’m going into the bathroom to take care of something.

Beware: This is an Inane Article About Justin Bieber at an Airport

So it has come to this. I bring news about Justin Bieber. Reuters has posted a picture of the teenage idol going through airport security naked to the waist.

Pandas on a Plane!

The great Chinese diplomats, those cuddly black and white giant pandas, are at it again. With admirable craft Fed Ex just delivered two from Chengdu, China, to the Toronto Zoo for a 10-year stay in Canada.

App It, Tweet It, Book It

O.K., a show of hands: Who has downloaded airline carriers’ apps to their mobile device? Why not?

In the Crosshairs for Frommer’s and Lonely Planet

Here’s the premise – smartphones have replaced travel guides. Online travel reviews trump Frommer’s or Lonely Planet print. You want a great hotel in Toronto, ask the FlyerTalk community.

No Brainer: Sexy Flight Attendants Sell Seats

Like a lot of Asian-based airlines, but even more than most, Singapore Airlines touts the delicate features of its female flight attendants. But do sexy cabin crews sell more seats?

Aerotropolis! The 21st-Century Port

Think Dubai. Think of a huge aerotropolis built to spec where the reason for being is being the state-of-the-art airport. It’s a part of the physical Internet, a port in a globalized world.

Air Larry: Oracle CEO Buys Airline Serving Lanai

Larry Ellison, the cerebral CEO of Oracle Corporation who last June purchased 98 percent of Lanai has now bought Island Air, a regional carrier serving all major Hawaiian islands.

The Genius, the Model & the Suitcase of Cocaine

This is a story about three boobs – a young dark-eyed Czech bikini model and an old theoretical particle physicist. He carries a bag from La Paz to Buenos Aires that she left for him. The story ends sadly.

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