Airlines are Limiting Photography

Here’s the thing about that self-made Whitney Houston singer who got the boot from American Airlines for ambling on automatic pilot. Flight attendants were telling passengers not to video her unconsciously displayed C.V. of talent. I’m not surprised, just stung.

How it Feels Inside the Cabin During an Emergency Landing

First came Sinan Unur, the FlyerTalk member who walked away from a Dash 8-100 belly landing. Now comes Brian Kalish, writing to share “an emergency landing at Charlotte on June 2 due to engine failure.”

Airlines Earn $4 for Every Passenger Carried

Want to submerge your head in some numbers? Airline passengers are expected to rise above the 3 billion mark for the first time in history in 2013. But aviation is a complex dish whose ingredients mix high numbers with low profits.

Guns and Groping: A Tough Week for TSA

So the TSA is back doing what they do best – finding guns and groping passengers. TSA Week in Review: Record 65 Firearms Discovered In Carry-on Bags (54 Loaded).

Porter Airlines Wants to Take On Air Canada

Here’s the plot. Free espresso in the boarding area. Strong Canadian beer onboard. Sandwiches. Ms. Manners flight attendants wearing 1960s-era-pillbox-hat uniforms. Discounted tickets. Flying from the edge of Toronto’s downtown, where the evening meal is referred to as supper. What’s the catch?

Thieves Targeting Carry-On Bags on Planes

Don’t think it could only happen in a bad flight dream. Airport police at Los Angeles International are reporting a rise in theft from carry-on bags aboard aircraft. Since 2011, there have been 130 reported cases at LAX.

Is Delta’s New JFK Terminal 4 a Turning Point?

Delta is getting it together at John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens.  Friday they opened a new portal and long anticipated Sky Deck at the Delta Club lounge in Terminal 4. The 2,000-square-foot outdoor terrace is part of the airline’s $1.4-billion renovation aimed at a complete overhaul of Delta’s new home in Terminal 4….

The Tarmac’s A380 Index

The Tarmac’s Index provides just the facts on a variety of subjects. This time we cover all things A380.

Hear the One About the Guy Who Put His Wife on the Terrorism Watch List?

There’s a funny story in the paper today: My husband has been traveling overseas on business at least once a month for the past few years. His passport became so heavily stamped that he was forced to apply for a passport with extra visa pages.

Report Card Time: Are You Satisfied with Airlines?

It’s report card time. The results of two annual studies on airline satisfaction – Consumer Reports and J.D. Power – have been released this week. It’s not like our experienced FlyerTalk community doesn’t have its own research and opinions, but let’s take a look.

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