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Where to Find Advice on How to Save Money: How About an Airline?

August 19, 2006 by Brian Cohen

There is plenty of advice from many different sources on how to save money — including FlyerTalk.

Omelet You Read The Following…

August 18, 2006 by Brian Cohen

I do not mean to egg you on with a crack about omelets, but the yolk is on you if you are not the least bit curious as to what ingredients that no fewer than a dozen FlyerTalk members prefer in an omelet.

Need an Escort to Visit Your Hotel Room? Read This First…

August 19, 2006 by Brian Cohen

Imagine being quite lonely and needing some excitement far away from home at a hotel property located in the burgeoning metropolis of Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Pan Am and Elvis Presley Have Something in Common…

August 18, 2006 by Brian Cohen

FlyerTalk member pizzamiles asks the question as to whether Pan Am is really dead.

Recruiting New FlyerTalk Members, One at a Time…

August 18, 2006 by Brian Cohen

Today, someone wanted to set an appointment with me for a certain date, but I replied that I will be in Europe on that date...“Really?!?”...for two weeks...“Wow!”

Liquids and Gels: What Is Allowed to Carry On Board and What Is Not Allowed?

August 18, 2006 by Brian Cohen

In light of recent events pertaining to increased airport security prohibiting liquids and gels from being carried on-board an aircraft, it is interesting that even the most seasoned of travelers are confused as to what is allowed to be carried on a flight and what is not allowed.

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