Help shape a frequent flyer program

Emirates are advertising for a position to help develop their Skywards frequent flyer program.  Is anyone interested?

Denied entry to a country?

William S asks those who’ve been denied entry to a country to explain what happened.  Meanwhile, in another forum is a thread complaining about the treatment on a flight after being denied entry to a country (along with some oddities in the denial process).

The ethics and legality of hidden city ticketing

Airline fare logic is crazy (see if airlines sold paint), so when someone buys a ticket for A to C intending to get off at B en route because A-C fare is cheaper than A-B, that is called hidden city ticketing.  What do you do if the airline catches you in the act of saving…

Underwear in first

The wandering mind of HIDDY is a scary thing, but it does make for a revealing discussion.  Do you keep your underwear on under first pajamas?

How did you start your miles addiction?

We all had a start, a certain something that kicked off our miles addictions.  Marathon Man asks us to look back and share the moments that started the miles addiction.

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