New Design Unveiled for Delta Air Lines Boarding Passes

Delta Air Lines yesterday unveiled the new design of its boarding pass on its weblog, and here it is:

This sample Delta Air Lines boarding pass reveals its new design. Image courtesy of the official weblog of Delta Air Lines at

The design is certainly cleaner than the old design, shown below:

Old Delta Air Lines boarding pass design. Photograph ©2012 Brian Cohen.




The seat assignment number should stand out more, in my opinion — perhaps white type in a black box — to minimize seat assignment confusion between passengers aboard the aircraft. Perhaps the zone should be emphasized more as well to minimize confusion at the gate at the time of boarding passengers.

The addition of the arrival time is a welcome and useful feature for me, especially when there is a flight delay and I am connecting to another flight.

Additionally, with regard to the surfeit of white space on the new boarding pass design, Delta Air Lines states that “soon you’ll be able to use a single document for up to four flight segments – and that means no more looking for the right boarding pass on a multi-segment trip.” All of the information you need will be on one document, reducing the amount of paper needed for multiple segments, which is more environmentally friendly.

Is the new boarding pass design by Delta Air Lines an upgrade or a downgrade? I will have to actually use it before forming a final opinion. What do you think?

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  • bdcobbs at 7:20am February 04, 2012

    I like the fact the arrival time is included and that soon all information will also be included on one sheet saving trees.

  • AlwaysFlyStar at 4:17pm February 17, 2012

    So full disclosure, I have flown DL maybe twice in my life, so not likely to experience this anytime soon, but what really hits me first is that if they are putting multiple flights on one document, what happens on the flights where the scanner is down, or in the airports when instead of scanning you, they rip off your ticket, leaving you your stub. This new stub doesn’t seem as though it would provide any help on subsequent flights as it doesn’t even have a flight number.

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