Should Attractions in the United States Charge Different Fees for Non-Residents?

Mount Rushmore National Monument in South Dakota.

There seems to be a growing trend to charge foreigners higher entrance fees to national parks and monuments in many countries. Here are two unconfirmed examples to be used primarily for illustrative purposes:

  • Foreigners are reportedly charged approximately $8.00 more at the Colosseum in Rome than European Union citizens are charged
  • Foreigners are reportedly charged $100.00 at Galapagos National Park, while residents of Ecuador are charged a mere $6.00

Reciprocal visa fees are already being charged between certain countries, such as the United States and Brazil.

Should national parks and monuments in the United States of America charge one fee for Americans and a higher fee for foreigners? If so, should the fees paid by foreigners be a comparable amount based on what their home countries charge American citizens for access to their national parks and monuments? Why are many FlyerTalk members initially opposed to this idea?

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