Should the Transportation Security Administration Expand Its Scope Outside of Airports?

Barack Obama, President of the United States, has apparently said that “We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

The Transportation Security Administration has been seeking to expand its scope beyond the airports and towards subways, bus terminals, ferries, truck weigh stations on Interstate highways, and even private automobiles — and there are reports of this already happening for several years with the Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response program, also known as VIPR:

This leaves FlyerTalk members to ask the question: Where will TSA / VIPR draw the line? Will the United States be a safer country as the result of VIPR, or is this nothing more than “mission creep” on which billions of dollars are being needlessly spent?

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