Help Get the FlyerTalk Logo On a Vintage Racing Aircraft

In addition to helping to raise money for the Jason Dahl Scholarship fund, you can also help to get the FlyerTalk logo on a vintage T-6 World War II aircraft racer competing at the Reno Air Races September 14 through September 18, 2011. All you need to do is “like” Radial Velocity on facebook.

Can FlyerTalk members rise up to the challenge of getting Radial Velocity 200 additional “likes” on facebook? If so, then in exchange, the FlyerTalk logo will go on the plane — although we are unsure as to the exact size and placement of the FlyerTalk logo on the aircraft. The photograph shown is merely an approximation.

By the way, one lucky FlyerTalk member may get to take a memorable ride in the aircraft pictured above. Details are mentioned here.

“Let’s show them the power of FlyerTalk and go way beyond 224 ‘likes’,” says FlyerTalk member and community director SanDiego1K.

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