Why I Just Purchased Some Club Carlson Points Moments Ago

I am not the type of person who purchases frequent travel loyalty program points or miles — but in this case, I just purchased 1,000 Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program points.


No, it was not because of the flash sale, which is currently active until 5:29 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time today. Sure, I will get an additional 750 bonus points…

…and spending $280.00 will net you up to 70,000 points with this flash sale, if you are interested.

The reason for the purchase was to top off my Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program account, which already had points that I earned for free from some of the previous promotions listed here — and I plan to redeem them for a night at a hotel property in Europe, where I will be staying in a few months.

That one night will cost me seven dollars, as that is how much the purchase just cost me. Seven dollars for a hotel room in Europe? Perhaps at a hostel, that is possible — but I intend to stay at a Park Inn by Radisson hotel property; and when that happens, I will review the property with my experience.

Sure, there are other ways to earn Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program points — especially if you miss this flash sale:

  • Until December 31, 2014, you can earn 9,000 Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program points when you rent a vehicle from Budget Rent a Car for three days or greater — and the facility where you pick up the vehicle does not have to be at an airport location. I have no plans to rent a vehicle from Budget Rent a Car in my future; so this offer does not help me.
  • You can earn a bonus of up to 40,000 Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program points annually with the branded Visa credit card; but FlyerTalk members have reported waits of greater than two months before they received their points — if at all. Besides — as I have stated in the past — I prefer using credit cards which allow me to earn cash rebates; so this offer does nothing for me either. No — you will not find an affiliate link here, as I earn no commission if you sign up for this credit card.
  • Perhaps you were fortunate enough to receive a reportedly targeted offer to be rewarded with 3,000 Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program points when you complete a survey which supposedly takes 20 minutes to complete — but I did not receive an invitation to participate, so this offer is out for me.


One other reason why I decided to go ahead with the purchase: my points were about to expire, as almost 24 months have elapsed since I earned those points.

Here is an anecdote: as I was exploring the official Internet web site of the Club Carlson frequent guest loyalty program, a window floated across my computer screen with a message asking me if I would participate in a survey. Thinking about the aforementioned 3,000 points, I decided to click on it — only to be informed that I cannot participate because the survey had already been closed.

Thanks, Club Carlson…

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  • Radisson Budapest at 5:45am October 12, 2016

    […] brugte 9.000 Club Carlson point plus syv dollars til at toppe min Club Carlson konto op gennem et ”flash” salg fredag. Dette betød, at det kostede mig syv dollars per nat, hvilket må siges at være billigt og […]

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