Videos: Airplane Catches Fire After Reportedly Being Struck By Lightning

A Turkish Airlines flight which departed from Istanbul carrying 114 people on board was reportedly struck by lightning on its way to Izmir and made an emergency landing after its right engine supposedly was on fire as a result of the lightning strike.

There were no reported injuries or fatalities caused by this incident, which supposedly occurred on January 25. The aircraft landed safely after the captain was able to activate the automatic extinguishing equipment of the engine.

The following two videos allegedly recorded the incident after the lightning strike — one video is from inside the aircraft; the other recorded from the ground:

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  • Fizzer at 6:18pm February 08, 2013

    That looks like SBT to me. Glad I wasn’t on that flight.

  • leandrorar at 8:51pm February 09, 2013

    I’vebeen through far less traumatic experiences and people wasn’t so calm…

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