Complaints Surface About Dimmable Windows on New Boeing 787s

How important is a good night’s sleep on a long-haul flight? For passengers taking All Nippon Airways from Tokyo to Frankfurt aboard Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, the answer is extremely.

Boeing’s new 787 was introduced into ANA’s fleet just last October, and yet many passengers and flight attendants are already complaining that the electronic dimming windows aren’t getting completely dark. FlyerTalk member JuanM noticed this issue himself on a recent flight: “I flew the 787 and agree the windows do not get dark enough and take a very long time to go dark.” Passengers who’ve seen the dimmable windows acknowledge that they do get darker, but say the problem is that they never become completely opaque.

As far as first-year glitches go, FlyerTalk member zcat18 notes that finicky window shades aren’t the worst problem to have. Nonetheless, this could be a step backward for Boeing, which has already taken 850 orders for the 787 and is scheduled to deliver 55 more jets to ANA alone. These types of glitches could delay production of a project that’s already three years behind schedule.

While Boeing searches for a solution, ANA has already found a temporary fix for the problem at hand. The airline says it’s looking to install basic pull-down shades in the Dreamliners already in its fleet.

How important is it to you for windows to go completely opaque, and would you think twice before booking a long-haul flight on a 787 Dreamliner in light of the recent news?

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  • Max Klim at 3:21am July 17, 2012

    dark windows are good enough
    I don’t need a cabin to be pitch black
    whatabout your bedroom at home or at a hotel
    is everybody sleeping in the dark ???

  • bubba198 at 6:50am July 17, 2012

    agree… non-issue

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