Flight Departs 25 Minutes After Midnight; FlyerTalk Member Not Allowed Past Airport Security Checkpoint Because It Is the Day Before

In a story which includes a chase scene by Transportation Security Administration agents reminiscent of a Keystone Kops episode, FlyerTalk member hoth300 was allegedly stopped on a Friday night from proceeding through the airport security checkpoint at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York simply because the flight was scheduled to depart on Saturday morning at 12:25.

If the flight was scheduled to depart at 11:25 that evening, hoth300 would have been able to proceed through the airport security checkpoint several hours earlier with no problem and no questions asked. However, because the flight was technically scheduled to depart on a Saturday and hoth300 technically attempted to proceed past the airport security checkpoint on a Friday night, hoth300 was initially unable to execute the plan of spending a few hours at an airport lounge located beyond the airport security checkpoint.

The story does not end there, as it includes some frustrating verbal exchanges with both Transportation Security Administration agents and airline employees — and reactions by FlyerTalk members vary from humorous to sheer disbelief.

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  • chinatraderjmr at 3:12am April 17, 2012

    Another reason to get rid of the TSA. This organization is just a way for the govt to suck money, when the only difference between the TSA and security before 9/11 are the tax payer funded uniforms. It’s still the same G.E.D. minimum wage McDonalds workers with IQ’s under 80 Ift needs to be abolished and either done right (ie: put in the military’s hands) or at the very least go back to the old way (with more training)

  • Arnold Fishman at 8:39am April 22, 2012

    this is the problem when people are given too much authority and are not trained on how to use their authority wisely. Shoot first, ask questions later mentality. We are becoming a nation of robotons who dont know how to think and reason with clairity.

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