TalkMail is a great way for FlyerTalkers to stay connected and kept abreast of the latest FlyerTalk happenings. We constantly scour the forums to find the most interesting and informative conversations, then we pass this information along to you in this bi-weekly newsletter.

TalkMail Miles reflects both the fun and informative aspects of the FlyerTalk Miles bulletin board. In this newsletter you will find the best threads from the previous weeks, notable quotes, links to Classic FlyerTalk threads, a FlyerTalk Miles community page complete with reports (and maybe even pictures) of recent FlyerTalk gatherings and a brief bio of a prominent FlyerTalker. And best of all it's free and available to all members.

Although TalkMail generally contains information that is only relevant when current in the ever-changing world of frequent travel promotions, we recognize that you may have a need to reference past issues of TalkMail.