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Long Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in California. Because of its popularity, there are many Long Beach motels and hotels from which to choose. Long Beach offers an aquarium, festivals, arts and cultural events, restaurants, and much more to its many visitors.

Info on: Syracuse Hotels

Syracuse is one of the largest cities located in the Central part of New York State. Besides being well known for the huge amount of snow the city receives every year, Syracuse is also known for its universities and fantastic arts and entertainment venues. There are many Syracuse hotels for visitors to utilize on a visit to this popular city.
Oklahoma City is a great place to visit for a taste of the old west, museums, amusement parks, shopping, nightlife, entertainment, and more! The Oklahoma City motels that are available for tourists is large, and reservations are recommended.

Info on: Worcester Hotels

The city of Worcester is located in Massachusetts and is a great stop on a tour of the New England area. Choices of Worcester hotels are plentiful and many are close to the city's most famous cultural attractions, parks, and other entertainment venues.
Fort Worth, Texas is a very large city and is filled with many activities, cultural attractions, a lively downtown, and festivals that draw vacationers every month of the year. There are many Fort Worth Motels and hotels from which to choose, and they range in price to fit any budget.
In Chattanooga, there are many attractions, spectacular mountain views, restaurants, and plenty of opportunities to learn about the local entertainment scene, the town's history, and places to shop. Chattanooga hotels are numerous, and many are historical and unique.
Winter Park hotels are often utilized by individuals and families visiting Orlando, Florida. Winter Park is just a short drive from the Disney World resort.
An Arlington vacation is great for families with kids of all ages or for individuals traveling alone who want to learn about the history of the United States. Arlington is home to the Arlington National Cemetery, it's where the Pentagon resides, and it is very close to the Capital in Washington, D.C.

Info on: Buffalo Motels

Buffalo motels are always available for those who are just driving through or for those who are planning to stay for a few days or more. Regardless, there are several lodging choices.
Chapel Hill hotels are plentiful and rooms are available in most price ranges. For people who are visiting Chapel Hill for a vacation or for those who are visiting the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill hotels should be booked as soon as travel plans are known.

Info on: Salem Hotels

The capital of Oregon, Salem is located in the Willamette River Valley. The Pacific coastline and Cascade Mountains are about an hour's drive. Salem hotels are tucked into every corner of the city. Where you stay depends on what you wish to do.

Salem is home to numerous events throughout the year. An annual tribal powwow takes place in the Oregon State Fair Pavilion, and you'll find a nice selection of Salem hotels within close reach to this popular exposition center. Other Salem hotels are found in the downtown area where shopping, dining options and museums are plentiful.

Any idea how many passengers Madrid's airport, Barajas International Airport, serves per year? If you guessed over 50 million, you would be right. MAD is crazy about running its flying guests through its 4 terminals. And, FlyerTalk is right in the mix with a bevy of information about flights in and out of MAD.

Info on: LAX

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) served over 60 million passengers in 2007, which means it is in the top five for the busiest airports across the world. Having begun in the late 1920s, LAX is now a sprawling complex with 9 terminals in a horseshoe shape on about 3500 acres.

Read a discussion directed toward the huge Airbus A380 causing some delays at LAX: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/newsstand/914227-airbus-a380-mixed-blessing-lax.html

Info on: Atlanta Airport

Make no mistake about it, the Atlanta airport is a major player in the airline industry. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) is a mouthful, but the almost 90 million passengers made the airport the world's busiest for passengers and flights in 2007. As Delta's main hub, ATL provides a major economic boost to this historic southern city's metro area.

It's not just about flying with FlyerTalk's members. There are some higher purposes involved, like this one supporting the AIDS Walk Atlanta: http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/delta-skymiles/582523-russ-needs-our-help-aids-walk-atlanta-2006-a.html

Jackson, Wyoming, most frequently referred to as Jackson Hole, is nestled in the shadows of the Grand Tetons, a striking range of mountains which are part of America's protected wilderness through the National Parks system. Also nearby and within a relatively short driving distance of Jackson Wyoming hotels is the famous Yellowstone Park.

Jackson Wyoming, hotels also offer visitors easy access to the areas fantastic ski resorts. Flyertalk forums offer the discriminating traveler looking for information about cheap flights or local Jackson Wyoming hotels along with a wealth of personal opinions and detailed overviews regarding the topics.

Info on: Yuma Hotels

There are many world-class hotel chains located in Yuma. Whether you are traveling to Arizona on a business trip or for a family vacation, Flyertalk forums can offer advice on the best Yuma hotels, ways to get to the airport, and the best ways to redeem airline miles and discount codes.  

Info on: Spirit Airline

Spirit Airline is one of many airlines that are reviewed and updated on Flyertalk forums. Frequent flier program updates, baggage fees, discount airfare tickets and more Spirit Airline information can be found at Flyertalk.
Discussions on Flyertalk forums range from earning airfare miles to using discount codes at Spartanburg hotels. Practical information from experienced travelers can help tourists, or those traveling on business, to plan their own trips with ease and save money at top-rated places.

Info on: Rockport Hotels

Rockport, Massachusetts is 40 miles north of Boston on Cape Ann. This seaside town provides a great getaway for trips ranging from one day or a whole week. Visitors have the option to choose from local Rockport hotels, inns, motels and more when planning their stay in Rockport.  

Info on: Quality Inn

Many popular hotel chains are reviewed on Flyertalk forums, including the Quality Inn. Travelers who participate in hotel frequent guest programs provide first-hand advice on the best and worst of these hotels across the United States and Canada and the upgrades and benefits available to preferred guests in these hotel programs.

Info on: Madrid Airport

Madrid Airport, also known as Barajas International Airport, is the busiest in Spain handling traveler's needs from all over the globe. In 2006 their capacity was doubled making flying to Spain even easier. Find great deals to Madrid Airport and enjoy a cultural vacation in Spain.


Info on: Plymouth Motels

Flyertalk.com offers information on destinations all around the world and across the United States. Airfare, hotels, attractions and discount codes can all be found throughout the Flyertalk forums for local and international cities.  

Info on: Phoenix Hotels

If you are on business or there for pleasure, Phoenix has plenty of great hotels.  The key is finding the right one. Reviews, tips, and recommendations on Phoenix hotels can make your planning easy. Find real world reviews on Phoenix hotels and be sure you will stay in comfort during your time in Phoenix.Hilton, Marriot, and Starwood are great choices for hotels, or the Phoenician Resort will keep you in luxury. Phoenix hotels plentiful, but be sure to find real reviews from experienced travelers before you book.

Paso Robles, California is located between San Francisco and Los Angeles and is accessible by major roadways and rail transportation, and Paso Robles hotels are a great accommodation option for visitors. Discount promotions for transportation to get to Paso Robles, reviews on Paso Robles hotels and travel tips are available at Flyertalk.com.

McCarran International Airport, serving North Las Vegas, is convenient and budget friendly. With quick access to Las Vegas, McCarran makes the dream Vegas getaway even easier. AirTran expands coverage with new routes to McCarran International Airport. Check and see how much closer that Vegas vacation is with more flights to McCarran International Airport.

Convenient and moments away from the strip Las Vegas International Airport serves the best to every traveler. If you are flying to Las Vegas then find how LAS can best serve your travel needs. AirTran has expanded flight coverage to and from Las Vegas International Airport. See how competing airlines can benefit you for your trip to Las Vegas.

Traveling to London can be an exciting trip but is one that requires a good deal of planning. For advice on everything from parking at Gatwick airport to public transportation in London, check out the Flyertalk forums for tips from locals as well as travelers who have been to the United Kingdom.
Experienced travelers on Flyertalk.com forums offer a great amount of advice on every detail at popular hotel chains, including room rates, preferred guest programs, and more. Palm Springs cheap hotels are only one example of places that are reviewed on Flyertalk to make trip planning simple and inexpensive.
North Charleston, South Carolina is rapidly expanding area in the Charleston metropolitan area and is a center of transportation that attracts visitors to the region all year round. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, visitors have a variety of North Charleston hotels to choose from.

Info on: Norfolk Motels

Information on United States cities such as Norfolk, Virginia can be found at the Flyertalk forums, along with common travel advice on subjects like discount airfare, travel products and accommodation such as Norfolk motels.  
New Orleans is famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations, but no matter what the reason is for a trip to Louisiana, New Orleans best hotels are listed and reviewed on Flyertalk to help plan a vacation to this popular United States city.

Info on: Madison Motels

Madison, Wisconsin is the state's second largest city and a popular travel stop for visitors to the Midwest. The Madison metropolitan area is a fast-growing area and offers many options for accommodation and dining, and can be easily accessed from a nearby airport.

Info on: Lexington Motels

Lexington, Kentucky has many events and attractions that bring both tourists and business travelers to the area. With so much to do, it's a good idea to look into accommodation such as Lexington motels, hotels and inns. Flyertalk provides information on places to stay and more.

Info on: IAH

IAH is the George Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas. Serving the greater Houston area, IAH makes flying to Houston a breeze. It is almost the size of a small city. With WiFi throughout the airport and over twenty convenient hotels, any traveler can be sure landing at IAH will be comfortable and pleasant.

How long does it take to clear customs? Do I have enough time to make my connection? These questions all have answers in Flyertalk. IAH can be tricky so be sure not to miss that next flight.

Las Vegas has three airports.  Find which Las Vegas airport is right for you by choosing between McCarran International, Henderson Executive, and North Las Vegas Airport.  Las Vegas is a large metropolitan area, and choosing the best airport is important. At Flyertalk, we put experience behind your deciding, which Las Vegas airport, with an entire community of frequent flyers.

If your staying in a hotel in Las Vegas chances are you won't even have to pay a dime to get there from the airport. Many hotels in Vegas transfer guests to and from Las Vegas airports free of charge.

Conveniently located North of downtown Houston, Houston Hobby Airport is the second largest in the city. If IAH is too bustling for your taste, then fly through the slightly smaller Houston Hobby Airport, and enjoy a quick exit from your terminal and an even quicker commute to downtown Houston.

Boasting a health club and friendly staff the Hilton Houston plaza is some travelers favorite Hilton in the country. Or, for convenience sake, stay at the Hilton in Houston Hobby Airport.

Info on: HND

Haneda International Airport in Tokyo, Japan, or HND for short, is a marvel of an airport. With four hotels, duty free shopping, dental clinic, and even a barber; anything a traveler could need is right in the airport. HND itself is a well-planned building making the most difficult part about your flight packing for it.It is easy to get good rates to HND in Tokyo. From Tabiwari to ANA fares, there are plenty of options for flying through HND. Find the best one for you in our forum of experienced travelers.

Heathrow International is England's premier airport. With an assortment of food, shopping, and convenient travel it is easy to see why. The well thought out maps make it easy to navigate to the duty free section, or to enjoy tapas while waiting for a flight. A layover in Heathrow International Airport is always a pleasant one. Working out during a layover is an easy way to stay fresh while pushing through a day of flying. If flying through Heathrow International Airport, there are options for exercise in and around the airport.

Info on: Hartsfield

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is an international airport in Atlanta. On top of being one of the busiest hubs for Delta, it offers cheap flights, reasonable accommodations, and many dining options for layovers. This is a discussion about which airline would take over Delta's gates at Hartsfield airport if Delta goes out of business. Hartsfield airport has long been a hub for Delta, a major carrier, and there are a number of other airlines that would compete for the gates and routes Delta leaves open.

Info on: DTW

DTW is one of the busiest and newest airports in the United States. Serving the greater Detroit area, it caters to even the most selective travelers. With endless flight options and a new terminal, DTW makes flying to Detroit a pleasure. Being the main hub for Northwest Airlines, changes of available planes and service to DTW effects many travelers on route to Detroit. If flying Delta, or any other transatlantic flight, be sure not to miss out news that might disrupt your travel.

Info on: Charter Air

When it comes to group travel, sometimes charter air flights are the way to go. There is no need to deal with the stress of trying to book everyone on the same flight, which always seem to fill up a little too quickly. Fly with comfort on a chartered air flight.

Info on: CDG

CDG is Charles de Gaulle International Airport. As the main international airport for France it can be tricky. Find tips and answers to your questions about CDG on Flyertalk.com. If you are flying to or from Charles De Gaul Airport, then this report will make it seem as though you have already taken the trip before. Beginning in London Heathrow, a Flyertalk member gives a detailed report, including lots of photos, on his flight to CDG in Paris.
Booking a trip involves a great amount of planning and the more information a traveler has the better a trip can be. For details on topics like Lambert Airport parking, travel deals to St Louis, earning and redeeming frequent flier miles and more, visit Flyertalk forums.
From Ardmore to the West End, Winston Salem hotels have a strong presence no matter which lively neighborhood you might stumble across during your stay. Sure, beautiful bed & breakfasts abound as well, but there's nothing better than waking up in the heart of the city with shopping and sightseeing right at your front door. Winston Salem hotels feature a wide variety of property types ranging from traditional structures to unique boutique hotels. To top it off, Winston Salem hotels feature so many different price ranges, visitors will have no problems finding a hotel to fit their own special budget. How's that for variety and flexibility?

Info on: La Quinta Hotels

With so many hotel chains to choose from across the United States it can be difficult to make a decision, but with the information on Flyertalk forums on subjects like La Quinta hotels, trip planning can be made much easier.
Tampa cheap hotels can be found everywhere from Tampa International Airport to the heart of the city. You can even find cheap hotels in areas like the Westshore Business District, where shopping, dining, and nightlife abound. You'll discover very quickly that cheap doesn't equal low quality, either. Tampa cheap hotels offer comfy accommodations, unique amenities, excellent service, and a number of complimentary services to boot. Want to learn more?

Info on: Jupiter Hotels

The information on Flyertalk.com covers a wide variety of areas such as dining, airfare, local attractions and accommodation. Jupiter hotels are just one of the examples of places to stay and great starting points for visitors to explore their travel destinations.

Info on: Heathrow Hotels

Travelers have many options when it comes to picking a Heathrow hotel, and Flyertalk forums can be of great assistance when choosing the best accommodation for your personal needs.  
From the home of Abraham Lincoln to Adams Wildlife Sanctuary, dozens of attractive Springfield hotels can be found in and around all of Springfield's top attractions. In addition to offering location, location, location, Springfield hotels go way beyond just the basics. Visitors to Springfield will find that the service at Springfield motels is warm and welcoming, the accommodations are well maintained, and the rates rarely break the bank. Interested in learning more?
There are many airports in London to chose from, and for information on airport hotels, parking at Heathrow, Gatwick or Luton airports, and other tips on transportation to and from London or to other airports, visit Flyertalk forums.
Hanover hotels are one of many places where travelers can redeem hotel rewards to save money on trips and upgrade their accommodation. Airline miles are also a popular option for frequent travelers and Flyertalk.com provides great advice for earning and redeeming these points at Hanover hotels and airlines in the United States and worldwide. 

Info on: Vegas

Everyone knows that Vegas is a great place to visit. But do they know where to stay, what is new, and what is happening in Vegas? At Flyertalk, you can get all the information you want and need. Let Flyertalk make your trip to Vegas the best trip of all.
If you think "Sacramento cheap hotels" is an oxymoron think again! Believe it or not, all you have to do to find the best Sacramento cheap hotels is look to big names in the hotel industry. Discounts and deals abound at some of Sacramento's top hotels and the icing on the cake is location, location, location.

Info on: Rome Hotels

You will need to do a lot of research to decide which of the Rome hotels you want to stay at. First, there are so many to pick from, and they all offer differing services. Luxury, economy, and location are among the many factors that you should consider before making a reservation. Where can you get good reliable last minute information about Rome hotels? That information can be found at Flyertalk, where travel advice is given by seasoned travelers.
Whether your plan is to stay near Richmond International Airport or near top Richmond attractions like the Richmond Riverfront or the Monument Avenue, you will find an impressive number of Richmond cheap hotels to choose from -- no matter where you go. While the vast majority of Richmond cheap hotels offer off-the-chart savings, things like hospitality, charm, and location are never compromised. Want to learn more?
Hamilton, Ontario is a large metropolitan area in Canada that can be reached by airplane, buses, trains or major roadways, making it a popular destination for travelers. Get advice on accommodation, cheap flights, and more from the people who have already been there at Flyertalk forums.

Info on: New York Hotel

When visiting New York, you will have to determine which New York Hotel you will stay at. This is a complex, but crucial, decision and should be made only after getting the best advice you can. Flyertalk has information based on what the most experienced and sophisticated travelers feel about each New York Hotel they have visited. You can find out what amenities and what services you will receive at the many different New York hotel possibilities. 
Rather than transferring planes in the larger and more congested English airports, like Heathrow and Gatwick, many travelers are going through the smaller Manchester Airport. To get more detailed information about Manchester Airport, you can go to Flyertalk. Many experienced travelers share their expertise and advice there.

Info on: Portland Motels

Whether you're planning to stroll the Portland Saturday Market, explore the pristine turn-of-the-century Pittock Mansion or shop the Pearl District, you won't have any trouble finding a Portland motel nearby. While Portland is famous for its historic structures, parks and gardens, and bustling markets, Portland is also known for stellar service -- no matter where you go. Check into any Portland motel and you'll see! Want to learn more?

Info on: London Hotels

 There are literally hundreds, or is it thousands, of hotels in London. All of them are different and all of them provide different kinds of service. If you want a luxury hotel, make sure you are getting the kind of luxury hotel you want. If you want economy, make sure the hotel offers a good experience. If you are looking to be in London, check out what Flyertalk has to say about the different hotels. You need good information to make a choice on a hotel and Flyertalk has it. You will hear what the most experienced travelers say about where they have stayed.

The London Gatwick Airport is more than just an airport. It has many amenities, and lots of hotels nearby. Flyertalk can help you get to know the London Gatwick Airport without ever stepping inside. Read all about the London Gatwick Airport so you will be up on what's happening there before you arrive.

Info on: London Airport

If you want to know more about a London airport, you would do well to check out Flyertalk since everything you need to know about all of London's airports will be available to you. The information at Flyertalk will help you decide which London airport is the most convenient for you, and which London airport offers you the best amenities.
Last minute deals are a great way to save money when you travel. But you need to know where to go to find the best last minute deals. Last minute deals that you can find on Flyertalk.com offer more fun for less money. Travelers can be assured of finding the best price for hotel and plane reservations, and even more.
Grand Junction hotels are a great place to stay when visiting western Colorado for either family getaways, business trips or any kind of vacation. Get information on Grand Junction hotels from visitors who have been there, along with other helpful travel facts on Flyertalk forums.

Info on: Lambert Airport

Lambert Airport in St. Louis is growing by leaps and bounds. As an international airport, many overseas carriers are increasing their flights there. Some travelers find it more convenient to fly into Lambert Airport rather than dealing with more congested United States airports. Lambert Airport is certainly a central spot from which to continue on your trip without the hassle that may exist elsewhere. That is why so many people check Flyertalk for news about Lambert Airport.
Planning a trip to Ontario, Canada? Still haven't found that perfectly priced Ontario hotel? No worries. From kitschy boutique properties to luxury-like accommodations, Ontario cheap hotels come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Ontario cheap hotels can be found near top Ontario attractions such as the world famous CN Tower, Niagara Parks, Ontario Place, Centreville Amusement Park, and more. Want to learn more about Ontario cheap hotels? You're in luck!

Info on: Galveston Hotels

Galveston in Texas is a popular destination for travelers sailing on cruise ships. Galveston cheap hotels are a great option before departing on a cruise or for longer stays in this Texas port city.
Flyertalk.com allows travelers to find information on any type of trip, whether it be business or pleasure. Specific topics like airfare, local transportation, and accommodation, such as Fredericksburg motels, can all be found at Flyertalk. 

Info on: India Flights

A visit to India will be one of the most exciting trips you will ever take. The culture, the people, the customs, and the food will all delight, mystify, and inspire you. But getting there is not always very reasonable. India flights vary in price a great deal, so it is important to visit Flyertalk for sound advice and tips on finding reasonable India flights.

Omaha cheap hotels can be found everywhere from Eppley Airfield Airport (OMA) to the Downtown/Old Market Area. You can even find cheap hotels in areas that offer non-stop nightlife, upscale shopping, excellent restaurants, arts & culture, and more. You'll discover rather quickly that cheap doesn't mean "low quality." Omaha cheap hotels offer comfy accommodations, unique amenities, excellent service, and a number of complimentary services all for a fraction of what it costs in most "expensive" Omaha hotels. Ready to find out more?
Fort Lauderdale hotels are a great accommodation option for visitors to Florida, and with the help of Flyertalk forums travelers can find the latest news and reviews on Fort Lauderdale hotels and plan all aspects of business or leisure trips.

Info on: Heathrow Hotels

Heathrow is a tremendously large and busy airport, and it has a lot to offer. Among its many amenities are the many Heathrow hotels, and it is wise to learn as much as you can about them. That is why you should always go to Flyertalk for the best information available.
Oklahoma City cheap hotels are easier to find than you think. But, it's important to keep in mind that just because these hotels are "cheap", this doesn't mean they skimp on anything! Oklahoma City cheap hotels are nice enough to host everything from catered special events to elaborate conventions. Oklahoma city cheap hotels can be found in the busiest areas of the city or on the outskirts of town. Head downtown to stay at a popular Oklahoma City hotel near attractions such as the Myriad Botanical Gardens or the Oklahoma City National Memorial or you can stay just on the outskirts of town for some much needed peace and quiet. Wherever you go, you will find a hotel to fit your budget.

Info on: Houston Motels

Much like its diverse population, Houston offers an exceptionally diverse collection of motels ranging from the eclectic to the elegant. Houston motels can be found in the heart of the city with the bustle as a backdrop or on the outskirts of town set against a picturesque and peaceful landscape. If you're headed to Houston for business or pleasure, you can rest easy knowing that you'll have plenty of unique and affordable options to choose from! Want to learn more about Houston motels?
The Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is a growing destination that serves thousands of people. It's convenient and offers many extras, too. You can learn what's happening at the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport at Flyertalk. 

Info on: Florence hotels

Italy is one of the most popular travel destinations for travelers from all around the world. Information and first-person descriptions of Italian cities, restaurants, Florence hotels, websites with cheap airfare and more can be found at Flyertalk forums.
Many travelers will find themselves, at some time, at the Detroit International Airport. If you want to learn about the Detroit International Airport, Flyertalk.com can help you get the information you need. Everything you will want to know about the Detroit International Airport is available at Flyertalk.
Great Falls motels come in all shapes and sizes--literally! Visitors to Great Falls, Montana will quickly discover that some Great Falls motels are as small as a single level with a few cozy rooms or as tall as a hi-rise with hundreds of attractive rooms. The icing on the cake is location. Most Great Falls motels are a stone's throw away from Great Falls city center, while others are no more than a few miles away. 

Info on: Dreams Tulum

Tulum, Mexico on the Yucatan Peninsula is a popular tourist spot and home to a number of hotels. Dreams Tulum is a resort and spa in Tulum attracting families, couples and groups for luxury vacations. Flyertalk has information on Dreams Tulum and other hotels in the area.
The Dallas Fort Worth Airport is a popular spot to start or conclude a vacation and offers many comforts to the people who pass through it. The Dallas
Fort Worth Airport is definitely growing and becoming increasingly busy. You can find out all the details of its emergence at Flyertalk.
Columbus Ohio hotels are popular accommodation choices for travelers on both business and leisure trips to Ohio. On Flyertalk, experienced travelers make suggestions and give updates on Columbus Ohio hotels and other travel deals.

Info on: Chicago Airports

Do you know how many Chicago airports there are? Do you know which airlines fly to which Chicago airports? Well, if you don't know the answers, you can find out this information at Flyertalk. It's best to be informed before you fly. Otherwise,  you could make a mistake about which airport to fly from.
Chattanooga is in southeastern Tennessee and attracts visitors with attractions, events, and more, and Chattanooga motels offer a great option for travelers in the area. A variety of accommodation is available for every budget and every need, and the forums at Flyertalk have information on these places and more.

Info on: Frederick Hotels

Planning a trip to Frederick, Maryland? Still haven't found the perfect Frederick hotel? No worries. From boutique properties and budget accommodations to luxury-like suites, Frederick hotels come in all shapes, sizes, and price ranges. Head to downtown Frederick to find comfortable Frederick hotels near major attractions such as the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. Settle in near the Baltimore National Pike to enjoy some of the city's lowest rates and points of interest such as Delaplaine Visual Arts Center and Francis Scott Key Mall. Want to learn more?

Cheap travel insurance is something that most travelers want, but cannot always find. Travel insurance helps you be prepared for the various problems or emergencies that may arise during a trip, particularly a long or extended one.
You can find out all need to know about cheap travel insurance at Flyertalk. Find out what experienced travelers have to say and where they tell you to look for cheap travel insurance.

Info on: Cape May Hotels

Flyertalk forums have information on destinations all around the world and throughout the United States, including updates on airfare discounts, hotel reviews, suggested itineraries, recommendations of Cape May hotels and more.

Info on: Boise Motels

Boise is the capital of Idaho and a large metropolitan area that brings many visitors for both business and leisure travel, and Boise motels are a great option for low cost accommodation. Find advice on getting from the airport to Boise motels, cheap airfare, or good dining and shopping areas at Flyertalk forums.
Sure, everything in Dallas is big. The Dallas Cowboys are big. The Convention centers are massive and, of course, the oil industry is big. One thing that's not so big is the price for Dallas hotels. In fact, you can find at least a handful of Dallas cheap hotels within a few blocks of one another in any given Dallas area. What's even better is, cheap Dallas hotels offer more than just  savings. You'll find accommodations ranging from cute and cozy to elegant and spacious.
With new airline routes opening and closing, the latest updates on Birmingham flights and airport news can help make trip planning easier. Other travel topics like hotel reviews, frequent flier miles, hotel bonus programs, and travel deals can also be found at Flyertalk forums every day.

Info on: Augusta Motels

A variety of information can be found on Flyertalk forums including reviews of the latest hotels, lists of favorite cities travelers have visited, and personal experiences in Augusta motels in the United States, and beyond.  
Atlanta International Airport is one of the busiest and biggest of them all. There are many aspects to Atlanta International Airport, such as what are the best restaurants, which airlines have a hub there, where can you use your laptop, and more. And this valuable information is available to you at Flyertalk.
Charlotte motels can be found on the outskirts of town or right in the middle of all of the action. Depending on where you want to stay and the type of motel you're looking for, Charlotte motels can cost as little as $50/night up to $100 or more per night. Head over to the Charlotte University or the Coliseum areas to find super deals on Charlotte motels or hover around the airport to check out Charlotte motels that might be a step or two above the rest. No matter what your taste or budget, Charlotte motels have you covered! Ready to learn more?

Info on: Arlington Motels

Travel advice for Flyertalk visitors can range from airfare discounts to the best hotels a city can offer. Arlington motels are one type of accommodation that may be reviewed on Flyertalk forums, along with attractions, transportation options, and dining spots near the hotels.

Info on: Air China

Flyertalk users are experienced travelers who can provide first-hand advice on almost any aspect of traveling, including airline information on Air China, international hotel reviews, and numerous other travel tips for trips in the United States and around the world.
When flying to or from Atlanta, check out the Atlanta airport hotels. If you are leaving early in the morning, or arriving late at night, the Atlanta airport hotels are a great convenience. Some even let you park there for up to 10 days. Flyertalk can tell you all the ins and outs of the Atlanta airport hotels.

Info on: Baltimore Motels

From the historic Inner Harbor to Ellicott City and Havre de Grace, beautiful Baltimore motels can be found near all of the city's top attractions. In addition to offering a number of excellent locations, Baltimore motels go beyond just the basics. Visitors to Baltimore will find that the service at the vast majority of Baltimore motels is warm and friendly, the accommodations are clean and comfy, and the rates won't break the bank.

Info on: Air Asia

Air Asia is one of many airlines featured on Flyertalk forums. Airline fees, discount codes and booking websites are all listed on these forums and can make trip planning easier for business and leisure travel.  

Info on: Atlanta Motels

Atlanta motels are plentiful on the outskirts of town but, believe it or not, you can find just as many motels right in the city of Atlanta, as well. Atlanta motels can be found everywhere, from the eclectic Little Five Points area to the bustling downtown area. And the best part is, Atlanta motels are easy on the wallet and heavy on the hospitality. Whether you're interested in spending a day exploring the 55-acre Candler Park or hanging out at Summerfest in Virginia Highlands, you can count on finding an Atlanta motel nearby.

Info on: Airline Flights

Airline flights are many and various and it is often very difficult to navigate your way through the maze of them. But there is one place that you can find the most reliable and accurate information about airline flights. That place is Flyertalk,  where people from all over the globe come together to share the most up-to-date information about airline flights, including how to get the best price and the best service.

Info on: Air Fares

Air fares vary greatly, so why end up paying full price when the person sitting next to you got a great discount. Flyertalk is one place to visit to find out where reasonable air fares can be found. The discussion there is between seasoned travelers who know how to find the best air fares around.

Info on: Air 2000

Flyertalk forums provide the latest travel news on everything from hotel openings, Air 2000 and other airline news headlines, and general travel advice on all aspects of trip planning. With input from experienced Flyertalk users who have been all around the world, travelers can read detailed descriptions of Air 2000 reviews and more.
If you are considering going to Ireland, Aer Lingus is a great carrier. The crew, the food, and the charm of flying Aer Lingus is a great plus. Be sure to find the best fare by checking out Flyertalk. You will learn everything you need to know about travel by Aer Lingus, as well as travel throughout Ireland. But Aer Lingus doesn't just fly to Ireland. They have flights to many other destinations, so consider them whenever you travel.

Info on: Astoria Hotels

Astoria is a largely Greek neighborhood in the borough of Queens just outside Manhattan. New York City is one of the most popular destinations in the world and Astoria hotels are a great place to stay when visiting New York. Waldorf-Astoria hotels, based in New York, are found across the world and offer high-end and quality accommodation to their guests. Reviews of these hotels can be found at Flyertalk.com forums.

Info on: London Heathrow

Heathrow Airport, located only 14 miles west of London, is the busiest airport throughout the entire United Kingdom and is the third busiest airport in the world. Being used by over 90 airlines, Heathrow is the primary hub of Virgin Atlantic, BMI, as well as British Airways and travels nearly 3.5 million people a year to and from JFK Airport in New York City.

Info on: LHR

LHR Airport handles most of the world's international traffic and is the primary hub for Virgin Atlantic, BMI, and British Airways. Traveling nearly 3.5 million people annually to and from JFK Airport in New York City, LHR serves as a vital link between Europe and the United States. If London is your destination, then LHR airport is your best option as the airport is located only 14 miles west of the fascinating tourist city!

Jackson, Wyoming, most frequently referred to as Jackson Holel, is nestled in the shadows of the Grand Tetons, a striking range of mountains which are part of America's protected wilderness through the National Parks system. Also nearby and within a relatively short driving distance of Jackson Wyoming hotels is the famous Yellowstone Park.

Jackson Wyoming, hotels also offer visitors easy access to the areas fantastic ski resorts. Flyertalk forums offer the discriminating traveler looking for information about cheap flights or local Jackson Wyoming hotels along with a wealth of personal opinions and detailed overviews regarding the topics.

Info on: Las Vegas Hotels

When considering that seventeen of the twenty largest, and most luxurious, hotels in the United States are in Las Vegas, Nevada, it is no wonder that 39.2 million people visit this desert paradise every year. Every hotel, from Circus Circus to the Belagio, has something different to accommodate the wide range of interests of each and every Vegas bound traveler -- providing fun and entertainment for all!
Often the puzzle piece that pulls an entire vacation together is finding that perfect, cheap, flight to get you there. No one wants to pay more than they have to just to get themselves to their desired location, they just want to get there! You can travel just about anywhere on a reasonable budget if you know where to look, when to look, and have a little help from a community like Flyertalk!

Info on: Bisbee Hotels

Travelers in America's southwest will find Bisbee, Arizona, to be a historic treasure worthy of a visit for a taste of its past boomtown days. A refreshing night in Bisbee hotels will prove a splendid respite from the scorching desert sun. Bisbee hotels conjure images of the town's rough and tumble mining days. Nowadays, though, Bisbee hotels also feature artwork from  the many local painters and sculptors who flocked to the region for its picturesque scenery and relative isolation.

Bisbee hotels reflect the town's rich mineral heritage and include the Copper Queen Hotel, The El Dorado Suites, and the Copper City Inn.
Frequent flyers in search of that domestic destination that transports them to a different world, a world where gems and precious metals pulled straight from the earth transformed a region with the whirlwind of wealth should put Bisbee and the unique Bisbee hotels on their list of places they must see.

Denver International Airport offers a wide variety of airport parking whether you need to park your car for just an hour, or two, or a few days. Hourly parking structures at DIA do not require that you make reservations, however pricing for a full 24 hours will be more expensive than an hour-by-hour rate.

Info on: Camden Hotels

When in the United Kingdom and London, many travelers find that Camden has a lot to offer tourists from all over the world. Camden hotels are some of the best in the city and can be the launching pad for trips to points in the greater London area. It's possible to find great deals on any number of accommodations at Camden hotels.

Info on: Cheap Hotels

When you're trying to plan a vacation, or even a business trip, on a budget, finding a cheap hotel is a given. Especially since when you're on vacation, you don't want to be weighed down by how much it's costing you every night that you're there! What many don't know, is that there are tons of great cheap hotel deals out there, you just have to know where to look!

Info on: Lafayette Hotels

When staying in the Lafayette area, it pays to be in the know on what the best Lafayette hotels are. Whatever occasion brings you to the Lafayette area, it's comforting to know that you have a choice of many great Lafayette hotels. Having different quality options for hotel accommodations is the key to guaranteeing you'll enjoy all your traveling experiences.

Tourists who travel to the Greenville area do so for many different reasons, but one thing that they all have in common in choosing this destination is the many good deals they find on Greenville motels. Whatever draws them to Greenville, whether it's the many choices of fun seasonal activities, or the desire to experience the local charm of the city, they know they're in good hands at any of the fine Greenville motels in town.

Info on: Seattle Hotels

Whether you prefer to be surrounded by modern art deco, or by quaint European style charm, there is a diverse array of cultural experiences waiting to be had within the heart of every unique Seattle hotel. From these magnificent hotels, you can experience the majesty of the famous Seattle skyline, with the Space Needle right at it's center, the reflective, serene, waters of Lake Washington, or the peaceful relaxation of the Snoqualmie Falls
While visiting Farmington and the surrounding area, it's comforting to know that there are many great Farmington hotels to chose from. Enjoy a drive through the countryside, or make a point to visit all the best attractions and plan it all from the comfort of one of the quality Farmington hotels in the area.

What better way to enjoy your trip to such a vibrant and friendly community than by staying at one of the great Wilmington motels? Whether you're in town visiting family or friends, or maybe just doing a little exploring in a city you've never been to, you're sure to find plenty of activities to fill up your days and nights while enjoying the comfort of one of the Wilmington motels in town.

Info on: Escondido Hotels

Escondido is Spanish for "hidden" but travelers to this city know that there are plenty of not so hidden deals on great restaurants and Escondido hotels. With plenty of nature activities close by in the form of ranches, forest preserves and animal parks, Escondido is a great place to bring the family and enjoy a stay at one of the great Escondido hotels.

Info on: Motels

Motels are a wonderful, inexpensive, service to the traveler in need of a rest stop. Whether you're traveling for business, or pleasure, often something comes up and lodging is needed for a night, or perhaps several. Perhaps your flight has been delayed or canceled, your car has broken down, or your planned accommodations have somehow fallen through. For whatever the case, you can rest assured that there is always a motel nearby.
West Hartford hotels offer affordable and relaxing accommodation for travelers from all over the United States and the world. Whether you're in town to see one of the many fine attractions or you're visiting on business, a great choice of West Hartford hotels will make sure you are taken care of on your trip.
To enjoy a stay on a beautiful island, travelers need to go no further than their own backyard right here in the United States. No one be disappointed in the choice of Edisto Island hotels as a vacation spot. It may not be in the middle of the sea, but Edisto Island is a great getaway destination with plenty of good deals and many fine Edisto Island hotels to choose from.
There are many good reasons to visit the capitol of California and one of those reasons is the amount of great Sacramento motels. Travelers to the area enjoy the beauty of scenic northern California in close proximity to San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. A great deal on one of the many fine Sacramento motels is the icing on the cake.

Info on: Roanoke Hotels

Travelers have been enjoying the scenic beauty in Roanoke for many years, taking advantage as well of the good rates they find at the many Roanoke hotels in the area. Whatever brings you to the All-American city of Roanoke, maximize your enjoyment by staying at any of the fine Roanoke hotels.

Info on: Detroit Motels

When visiting the Motor City of Detroit, it's good to know that there are many great activities to do and sights to see as well as some quality Detroit motels to stay in. Whatever your budgetary needs, you'll be sure to find great deals on Detroit motels when you visit this great American city.

Info on: Richmond Motels

When staying in Richmond, many travelers find Richmond motels to be both comfortable and easy on the budget. Richmond has many historic sites for tourists to visit. There are many great activities to enjoy in Richmond and staying in one of the many great Richmond motels is the perfect way to enjoy them all.

Info on: Princeton Hotels

Princeton is the home of Princeton University, as well as many great, affordable Princeton hotels. If you ever find yourself traveling to New Jersey, make sure you plan a stop in the beautiful city of Princeton where you are sure to enjoy your stay in one of the many fine Princeton hotels.

Info on: Carlsbad Hotels

Travelers to Carlsbad can enjoy the ocean views from many of the fine Carlsbad hotels that line California's Pacific coast. Enjoy the Southern California sun by day, then enjoy a comfortable stay at one of the many fine Carlsbad hotels by night.

Info on: Ogunquit Hotels

Ogunquit is one of the most beautiful coastal resort towns in New England and some Ogunquit hotels provide visitors with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean. There are many activities for travelers to enjoy in Ogunquit regardless of the season. It's well worth checking out the availability and rates of Ogunquit hotels before you plan your next trip.
There are many good reasons to visit the city of Springfield and great deals on any number of quality Springfield motels is just one of them. With an abundance of historic attractions to visit, as well as local scenery to enjoy, you can experience them all while staying in comfort at one of the many affordable Springfield motels.
When traveling in and around Virginia, it's good to know that there are many Norfolk cheap hotels to chose from. Whether you are planning on staying in the city of Norfolk or spreading out to explore the surrounding area, setting up a home base at one of the Norfolk cheap hotels is a great idea.

Info on: Miami Hotels

For the Miami bound traveler searching for exotic sandy beaches, or roaring nightlife, the Magic City has both beach-front and downtown hotels to offer -- some as iconic as: The Biltmore Hotel, The Raleigh Hotel, The Delano Hotel, & The Fountainbleu. Often considered the American Riviera, there is no greater destination to take in Latin American and European culture, without even having to leave the country!

Info on: Camden Hotels

When in the United Kingdom and London, many travelers find that Camden has a lot to offer tourists from all over the world. Camden hotels are some of the best in the city and can be the launching pad for trips to points in the greater London area. It's possible to find great deals on any number of accommodations at Camden hotels.

Info on: Nashville Motels

Nashville motels offer terrific accommodations at great low rates. Nashville is an exciting and vibrant city that attracts music lovers from all over the world. For comfort and affordability, Nashville motels are some of the best in the United States.
Montgomery hotels are the perfect places to set up a home base while you are visiting the area. Be it business or pleasure, travelers in Montgomery find their travel experiences are greatly enhanced with accommodations at any number of quality Montgomery hotels.
A wide array of international, domestic and local airlines can be found at the Minneapolis Airport. You can utilize parking garages across the street from select terminals. Travelers can save money by using the quick ePark services located at the ramp entrances. Overall, this highly trafficked airport is a great place to start your vacation.
The Lambert-St. Louis International Airport is something of a national treasure, rich with historical background, as it was the first airport to fly an American President in an airplane. Today, Lambert International Airport contributes 5.1 billion dollars annually to the economic impact of the St. Louis region, making it an extremely important asset to the area. The main terminal's iconic domes have often labeled the terminal as the St. Louis Gateway for travelers. New improvements planned for the airport prove that the airport's dedication to make that Gateway something special for their patrons is of the utmost importance.
Being the second busiest airport in Britain, Gatwick Airport meets the needs of travelers heading from London on business, short vacations, and even long vacations. A need that weighs heavily upon any traveler's mind is where they can leave their car and know that it will be well taken care of in their absence. Gatwick's car parking services sets the traveler's mind at ease with an abundance of car parks at both north and south terminals, 24 hour transfer buses, 24 hour security, and great prices!

Info on: FRA

Frankfurt Airport is located in Frankfurt City Forest, 7 miles south west of the city center, in Germany and is one of the world's most important airports being the busiest airport for international destinations. FRA is also the largest passenger airport in Germany, the 3rd largest airport in Europe, and the 8th largest passenger airport worldwide. This airport serves as a hub for long distance travel and regional travel, as the airport has two railway stations for both, carrying passengers flying into the airport as far as the Netherlands and Belgium.

Info on: Flight Airlines

Finding the perfect flight airline for you and your traveling needs is almost like finding the perfect pair of shoes to wear, or even buying a car. Everything has to fit to just what you feel is comfortable for you and you want to make sure that you're getting the best deal for your dollar. Since every airline is different with a wide range of offerings, then sometimes you need a little help deciding what is the best fit and that is where Flyertalk can serve your traveling needs.
The London Heathrow Airport is one of the most popular airports in the world. It has five terminals and passengers have the benefit of convenient transfers between each of them. This modern airport also has computerized check-in terminals for those who want to avoid long lines. And the dining options are from upscale, gourmet to pub and snack foods. But don't miss the free hot drink with any breakfast order at Wagamama in Terminal 5. This Asian restaurant even serves up a traditional English breakfast.

Info on: Detroit Airports

Michigan has several airports all throughout the state, however, only two main international Detroit Airports. Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport is the 12th busiest airport in the United States and is also Northwest Airlines' largest hub. The other Detroit Airport, Coleman A. Young International Airport -- formerly Detroit City Airport -- is much smaller, having only one passenger terminal and two runways. However, still serves as a choice of an international airport.

Info on: CDG Airport

Charles de Gaulle Airport is the second largest airport in all of Europe -- second to that of Heathrow Airport out of London. Also known as Paris Roissy, CDG Airport is located only 14 miles north-east from Paris and offers a great number of transportation options whether you prefer road, or rail, to tourist destinations such as central Paris and Disney World. The CDG Airport provides an excellent array of amenities in a modern, polished, atmosphere that include banking and currency conversion, bars, restaurants, shops, and much more!
Some say that Atlanta Airport parking is a hassle, while others have no problems at all. You can find hourly parking located directly in front of each terminal of this airport. But these are really just points for passenger pick up or drop off. Other options exist for travelers including long-term parking or local area lots and services. 

Info on: Best Western

Best Western sets the bar for affordable luxury and exceeding guest expectations by maintaining a high standard. With over 4,000 hotels in 80 countries, Best Western is the most favored choice amongst international travelers. In 2008, the hotel won three Best-Of-the-Best awards in Customer Service, Quality, and Design -- and their free-to-join rewards program is great for earning those extra airline miles, too!

Info on: LAX Airport

LAX Airport (the Los Angeles International Airport) is located in southern California and is one of the busiest airports in the world. While traversing the airport's modern facilities you can get a host of ground services. In addition, LAX Airport flies a wide array of international and domestic flights. Be sure and keep an eye out for the occasional Hollywood celeb you might see checking bags at the airport.

Info on: Berkeley Hotels

Finding the best Berkeley hotels isn't a hard task. Located east of San Francisco, Berkeley is a charming college town that offers attractions and restaurants that suit every budget and style. An elaborate art district appeals to all ages and provides a nice way for local artists to showcase their artwork.


You'll find that Berkeley hotels are near some of the finest restaurants in the world. From Pan-Asian to romantic Italian, visitors will find dining to be extremely pleasurable. North Berkeley is known as the "Gourmet Ghetto." Here the restaurants and shops are geared towards those on a budget and most have a definite European flair.

Whether you're flying into Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi International Airport on business -- or vacationing to the exotic Thai beaches -- the airport has many nearby hotels to choose from. The closest of these being The Novotel, which is actually located within the airport,and is only a three minute, underground, walk to the hotel. Other hotels convenient to the airport include the Queen's Garden, the Convenient Hotel, as well as the Flora Shire and may fit more easily into a tighter budget.

Outside of any terminal will be a horde of airport taxi drivers all fighting for business.  Find ways this can work for you, or learn about other modes of travel to avoid airport taxi's altogether.  From reserving one in advance to grabbing one as you leave the terminal there is plenty of ways to get the best bang for your buck.

Info on: DTW Airport

The DTW Airport is also known as the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Travelers can enjoy a new state-of-the-art facility. Passengers can make use of a convenient online lost and found website, and the airport has over 30 security check lanes for faster service. DTW also boasts an award-winning terminal concession program, so be sure and grab a bite to eat while in Detroit.

Info on: Airline Flights

With such a wide variety of airline flights out there, all to the same location, how are you ever supposed to figure out which one is the best fit for you and your travel needs? With a little help, of course! Flyertalk has a unique way of letting you in on the inside scoop by letting travelers, just like yourself, do the talking! No matter where you're flying, you can find an unbiased opinion from someone who was once in your exact position on Flyertalk!

Info on: Air Jamaica

Air Jamaica is a luxury flight into the Caribbean that defines a true getaway vacation from the second that you step on the plane. Serving 330 flights a week, from 10 United States gateways, for 37 years -- Air Jamaica has it down to a science! A flight with this airline is more than just a flight, it's an experience that includes: red carpet service at check-in, complimentary in-flight champagne and magazine, a SkyShop with quality products, and a smoke free environment.

Named one of the "Greenest Cities in America" and "Healthiest City in America," Burlington, Vermont, is a favorite destination of tourists. When you are looking for Burlington hotels, you'll find a wide selection of prices and amenities.


Burlington hotels are scattered throughout the city and in surrounding suburbs. Whether you want to stay near the shores of Lake Champlain, near UVM or close to the airport, Burlington hotels provide the ambiance of a home away from home.


Info on: Travel Deals

If you want the best travel deals, sometimes you have to read the fine print. Sadly, even the most experienced traveler could get less than spectacular rates and service due to restrictions and other issues. FlyerTalk can help you wade through the muck of hidden fees and requirements of frequent flyer programs to get to all those benefits you truly deserve.

Info on: Air Travel

If you're a new traveler or even a savvy globe trotter, air travel can be quite challenging. Today you have a higher level of security and possibly more budget and economic challenges. That being said, you want all the help you can get with air travel. Whether it's finding the best price or the easiest route from the airport to your hotel, some simple planning can be a traveler's best friend. 

Info on: Airlines

With so many airlines you can choose from, it's easy to get stumped on which to book with. That's why FlyerTalk makes it easy to get answers about various airline services. This way, you can be sure you choose the right company for your needs as well as your budget.

Info on: Air Flight

Planning your air flight doesn't have to be a hassle when you make use of all the resources available at the FlyerTalk site. You get valuable tips for making your dream vacation a reality. The forums provide an inside peak at other traveler's experiences and recommendations from saving money to accessing the latest airline perks and facilities.

Info on: LAX Parking

If LAX parking is giving you a headache visit FlyerTalk to get help from fellow travelers. Many times you get just the advice you need by people living in the LAX area who know where to go. Or sometimes it's business travelers who can guide you to a great deal.
Finding the right hotel can be difficult.  Flyertalk's community of frequent flyers has great reviews and insight on hotels around the world.  Whether you are looking for reviews of hotels you might stay at, or just trying the find the best deals in your destination city Flyertalk will have what you are looking for.
The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the single busiest passenger airport in the world not only because the airport connects flights all over the world, but also because the location of the airport itself -- 10 miles from downtown Atlanta, GA -- is a prime travel destination within the southeast. Atlanta Hartsfield Airport recently opened a new 5th runway which is only increasing capacity and efficiency for their travelers!

Info on: British Airways

When you fly British Airways you have a wide range of options from business and Euro class seating to one-of-kind first class accommodations. In addition, British Airways has family- friendly services like online check-in 24 hours before your flight, special kid meals, activity packs and in-flight entertainment. FlyerTalk can help you find all the best deals on British Airways as well as other travel services.
There's never been a better time to visit Washington, DC! The nation's capital is abuzz with a new energy and excitement and you can experience it for yourself if you book one of these Washington motels!

Info on: Tampa Motels

A wonderful Florida getaway is within easy reach when you book one of these fantastic Tampa motels! From the glistening waters of the bay to the city's rich frontier history, you'll find plenty of reasons to make a journey to Tampa a regular ritual.

Nominated "America's Friendliest City" in CNN poll, Charleston, South Carolina, is a glorious travel destination. Those seeking Charleston South Carolina hotels will love the selection.


Long, sandy beaches and a breathtaking historic district are two reasons people flock here for vacations. Charleston South Carolina hotels are scattered throughout the vast city with options in the historic district to beachfront hotels where you can truly kick back and relax.


Charleston's historic district is packed with old houses that you can tour. Period architecture and furnishings make these popular attractions with adults who want to take a step back in time.

Info on: Tacoma Hotels

Located 32 miles southwest of Seattle on beautiful Puget Sound, Tacoma, Washington is a lovely spot for business or pleasure. Long known as the City of Destiny because it marked the end-of-the-line for the Northern Pacific Railroad, Tacoma boasts a wealth of hotel options for all travelers.

Charlottesville, Virginia, is a wonderful city filled with cultural activities from museums to theatrical performances. Charlottesville hotels are scattered both downtown and on the outskirts of the city making it easy to find a hotel that fits your budget.


With plenty to do and see, it isn't surprising that one of the top attractions in Charlottesville is the huge pedestrian mall located in the heart of the downtown. Spread out over ten blocks in the historic area, the mall is loaded with restaurants, shops, cinemas and the Paramount Theater. If you enjoy shopping, Charlottesville hotels in this area are suitable choices.

Info on: Dallas Airport

The Dallas Airport is more than just a place to catch a plane. A few years ago the airport had a series of multi-million dollar capital improvement projects, making it that more efficient. With 20 airlines to choose from, going to hundreds of destinations, you are certain to find an affordable flight. Don't miss seeing the Public Art Program or taking the Skylink trains at the airport.

Info on: Seattle Motels

From the famous Pike Place Market to the iconic Space Needle, Seattle has an iconographic style and hip vibe. Take in this jewel of the Pacific Northwest and all it has to offer by booking one of these great Seattle motels.
Find yourself in the Crossroads of the West: Salt Lake City, Utah! This beautiful city in the Wasatch Mountains is famous for more than its eponymous lake. With cheap hotels, excellent cultural attractions, and fun and easy outdoor exhibitions, Salt Lake City is an ideal travel destination.

Info on: Roswell Hotels

There are out-of-this-world deals on hotels in Roswell, New Mexico. If you're interested in visiting this small New Mexico town with a big heritage (traditional and paranormal), you'll need to check out these suggestions at FlyerTalk.com!
With its roots of politics and industry, combined with a lush revitalization and modernization, Pittsburgh can be the highlight of any travel season. Whether you're in town for business or pleasure, Pittsburgh offers motels to fit every budget and client.
Offering a wealth of cultural, metropolitan and outdoor activities, Ontario is an ideal choice for your next vacation. In any season, Canada's second largest and most populace province can be an exciting getaway: from the bustling hubs of Toronto and Ottawa, to more rural and quaint destinations along gorgeous Lake Ontario, and world-renowned Niagara Falls. No matter where you're planning your trip, Ontario offers cheap hotels that will help your vacation dollar go farther.
Planning a trip to visit historic Mount Vernon and the nearby plantation home of George Washington? Then you'll want to get the best information on your choices of Mount Vernon hotels - and the best information is always at FlyerTalk.com!
Affectionately known as the "Paris of the Plains", Kansas City offers great motels, beautiful architecture, world-renowned music and culture, and, of course, Kansas City barbeque. When planning your next trip to Kansas City, use FlyerTalk to research the best motel rates and locations.
From its memorable skyline to its burgeoning arts and cultural scene, Jacksonville, Florida fits the bill for your next getaway. To learn about the Jacksonville motels whose bills will fit your budget, the best resources are at FlyerTalk.
Whether you're planning a visit or just passing through "The Crossroads of America," there are plenty of convenient, attractive, and well-priced motels in Indianapolis.
Discover what locals have known about for decades: the quaint city of Fredericksburg, Texas. With its rich German history, museums, military memorials, outdoor activities, and hospitable bed and breakfasts, Fredericksburg is the perfect place to get away. Before booking your stay at one of Fredericksburg's fine hotels, use Flyertalk.com to get all the details.
Named Money Magazine's "Best Place to Live 2006", the northern Colorado city of Fort Collins is an ideal combination of rural tranquility and urban excitement. Inexpensive hotels, a vibrant atmosphere, and a beautiful natural setting are just a few of the reasons Fort Collins should be your next destination.
The Detroit Metro Airport has some appealing attributes for travelers on the go. Most of the airlines have curbside check-in, which is a plus since you are only allowed one carry-on item. The airport also has a host of major airlines as well as accommodates a few charter flights. Passengers can enjoy the airport's great concession services including music stores, clothing and gift shops and the many restaurants from Mexican to Asian. And don't forget, you can always make use of Wi-Fi service throughout the airport complex.

The Miami International Airport is a great facility for all your domestic and international flights. Whether you're boarding a cruise in Miami or heading to South Beach, the airport offers great service. It boasts a hotel, spa, baggage storage, and duty-free shops. Big pluses include its free shuttle service to and from the airport terminal, as well as improved marks for security-check times. Lastly, visitors can enjoy both long- and short-term parking.

Info on: Eugene Hotels

If you're interested in destination with pristine natural beauty, a plethora of outdoor activities, and a funky, alternative vibe, book a stay at any of the fantastic hotels in Eugene, Oregon! Calling itself "The World's Greatest City of the Arts and Outdoors," Eugene delivers awe-inspiring vistas for awesomely low prices.

Greenville, South Carolina, offers a wide range of activities for all ages. When searching for Greenville hotels, always look to see what you or your family plans to do while in the city. Hotels are within walking distance to many of the most popular attractions making it easy to pick accommodations close to stops on your itinerary.


You can experience southern hospitality in many Greenville hotels. Cozy into the hotel bar for a refreshing mint julep or dive into the refreshing indoor pool offered at many of the larger establishments.


Info on: Denver Motels

With over 300 days of sunshine every year, Denver is an ideal getaway in any season. Nestled a mile high at the foot of the spectacular Rocky Mountains, Denver has matured from its cow-town roots into a vibrant, modern metropolis. Book a stay at any one Denver's great motels and experience an unmatched combination of outdoor adventure and urban excitement.

Info on: Concord Hotels

This is the perfect time of year for a New England vacation! For small town atmosphere with big city perks, book a hotel in Concord, New Hampshire. Although the doors to the famous Eagle Hotel, a favorite of presidents and national notables, closed in 1961, plenty of other great hotels await you in Concord.
The Wayne County Airport, also known as the Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW), is one of the most traveled airports in the world. It is an international gateway for Northwest Airlines and home of the affordable Spirit Airlines. DTW is the choice hub for worldwide travelers as it has over 150 direct flights to many cities. Be sure and take note of the airport's newer additions such as the McNamara Terminal. 

Info on: Columbus Motels

Booking a stay at one of Columbus, Ohio's many motels? Then you need to read the insider information cataloged at FlyerTalk. Research this bustling city and all it has to offer in terms of accommodations, culture, music, sports, art and history.

Long Beach, California, is home to the famous Queen Mary, one of the most famous Long Beach hotels. The Queen Mary is a former ocean liner that now serves as a hotel with a number of restaurants.


This is not the only attraction in Long Beach. Besides beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches, Long Beach is home to the Aquarium of the Pacific and a highly entertaining annual Scottish Festival. If you are looking for suitable Long Beach hotels, you'll be surprised by the variety.

Info on: Austin Motels

Recently named the "Best Big City to Live In" by Money Magazine and the "Greenest City in America" by MSN, Austin just might top your list of travel destinations. Flyertalk.com has the best information on Austin motels, entertainment and travel.
Fly to many exotic cities from Amsterdam Airport. This international airport has many amenities like self-serve check-in and travel updates sent to your computer or phone. You can even keep the kiddies occupied with Nintendo, Legos or a Disney movie in the children's play area. For the adults, many bars, restaurants and coffee houses can be found.

Info on: Arlington Motels

Come experience the history, excitement and entertainment of Arlington, Virginia! Directly across the Potomac River from Washington, DC, Arlington is home to numerous monuments and attractions, including the Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. As the most educated city in the country, locals know Arlington offers motels where you won't have to trade price for quality.

Info on: Venice Hotels

Italy has many of the most beautiful places to stay in the world, and Venice hotels are no exception. Venice, one of many popular tourist destinations in Italy, has water-filled streets you can ride along in gondolas if you wish, as well as many cultural exhibits to see. Good Venice hotels will give you a little taste of Italy while still sticking to all of the contemporary conveniences you expect at nice hotels.

Info on: Savannah Motels

Savannah, Georgia exudes a Southern charm that makes the city irresistible to visitors, and the various Savannah motels in the city make the stay even better. This Savannah isn't the only one you'll learn about at FlyerTalk, however. Australia boats its own Savannah, also with charm and excitement for visitors. The Savannah motels in the two Savannahs offer different experiences, and you can find out about both at FlyerTalk.
From Russia to Florida, St. Petersburg hotels are worth talking about. St. Petersburg hotels in Florida offer great places to stay while you visit the more than 200 miles of shoreline in this Southern city. With an average of 361 days of sunshine every year, you may need to stay in your St. Petersburg hotels to get away from the heat. Across the world, St. Petersburg hotels in Russia give visitors a place to stay while they tour the sights in this historic city.

Warm, sunny days and the lure of Hollywood's greatest bring tourists to Los Angeles every year. The city is filled with lodging options from family-friendly establishments to huge Los Angeles hotels packed with amenities.


No matter where you stay in the city, you will find a number of delightful restaurants and attractions within walking distance of Los Angeles hotels. Many hotels offer a selection of restaurants on the grounds that provide eat-in meals as well as room service.


Pacific Grove hotels are known for their high-quality service and facilities. At FlyerTalk, you can find out about others' visits to various Pacific Grove hotels and get recommendations on where you should stay. Pacific Grove, California has hotels ranging in price and amenities. The available facilities include everything from chains, such as Best Western, to one-of-a-kind locales like the Andril Fireplace Cottages.

Info on: Olympia Hotels

Though Washington may come to mind first, other Olympia hotels are as well-known and sought after. Olympia is a London exhibition center, or what most Americans would call a convention center. This hall, which has been open for more than 100 years, hosts annual events, such as the horse shows, business exhibits, and cooking shows. Olympia hotels offer visitors a chance to stay in this bustling area of London. The hotels include two Hilton Hotels and several other excellent options.

Info on: Flights France

If you're planning on a romantic getaway or shopping extravaganza in France, check out FlyerTalk. Therein you'll get the dish on how to navigate this beautiful and historic city. Find discount info for flights France so you can save money and live it up in Paris or Marseille.

Info on: Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been a popular honeymoon destination for decades, and FlyerTalk has all the information you need to plan your trip. While there are other things to do in Niagara Falls, the waterfalls themselves provide the best entertainment. Some Niagara Falls hotels have views of the falls from the room balconies while other attractions offer aerial views to awe you. If you want to see the falls up close, you have the opportunity to do that as well.
What better way to learn about the nation's founding that to stay in one of the many Mount Vernon motels to visit the local estate? Mount Vernon motels offer modern amenities and good service often for less than you will find in big cities. Though Mount Vernon motels are close enough to Washington, D.C. for you to stay there on a trip to the nation's capital, they also are away from the center of the city enough to give you a relaxing trip.

Info on: Morro Bay hotels

Morro Bay hotels dot this city along the California coastline. Situated between Los Angeles and San Francisco, Morro Bay is a beautiful, small city famous for the Morro Rock, which greets visitors and homesteaders alike. From kayaking to golf and live music to museums, there's plenty to do in Morro Bay, and FlyerTalk has the information you want about where to stay while you're there.
Staying in Los Angeles cheap hotels may mean searching for the right neighborhood. The prices in some areas of town are going to be high regardless of where you stay or how much searching you to do try to find a good rate. Los Angeles cheap hotels also will vary depending on the time of year you visit. During festivals or tourist seasons, the prices will be higher, even in the less expensive places.

Info on: Denver Airport

Whether traveling to Colorado for a ski weekend or simply business, the Den Airport provides the perfect hub. It has flights by many major airlines from American and JetBlue to Lufthansa and more. A fully modern airport, you can also enjoy a variety of guest services such as Chapel facilities, a pet exercise area and Internet access. Find out about convenient ground transportation and more at FlyerTalk.
Just minutes from the beach, Fort Myers offers an array of activities for families and adult-only trips, and the choice of Fort Myers motels in the city is excellent. Fort Myers is situated along Florida's Gulf Coast, famous for beautiful scenery and warm waters. The city of Fort Myers also has roller skating, golfing, a planetarium, and other daytime activities as well as an active nightlife. FlyerTalk hosts discussions of Fort Myers motels and entertainment.
Flights to London can get you into this capital city anytime of the year. These flights to London come from all over the world and range in price based on the season and time of your travel. Before you head out on a flight, shop around for a good deal and decent travel arrangements. Each airline offers different deals, and you want to make sure you get the best one for you.
Houston George Bush Airport sees millions of worldwide travelers a year, living up to its stately name. It boasts five passenger terminals and provides access to many destinations. Conveniently, the facility offers quick transportation access to the city of Houston as well as train and buses that shuttle to various sections of the city. Other accommodations include the Travelex counters, over 50 restaurants and Wi-Fi access areas.

Info on: Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites is a great mid-range hotel chain. Known for its comfortable rooms, Embassy Suites offers a great place for families and business travelers. This hotel has all of the basic amenities and also provides high-speed internet, gyms, and hot tubs in many locations. Embassy Suites has hotels all around the United States and is a commonly used hotel chain because of its reliability from location to location.
The best discount airline tickets work when you need them and have decent in-flight service included. Discount airline tickets are most common on fights without full-service, meaning you will not get a full meal or in-flight movie. Still you can expect a drink and maybe some peanuts, plus a comfortable ride to your destination. At FlyerTalk, you can have conversations with people who have made it a point only to use discount airline tickets to get to some of the best destinations in the world.

Info on: Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels is a chain of hotels offering basic rooms and amenities for reasonable prices. This hotel line includes some very popular hotel names, including Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, Clarion, MainStay Suites, and EconoLodge. Choice Hotels offers a rewards program that many FlyerTalk regulars have joined to receive points toward free accommodations or other special offers.

Info on: Cheap Hotel

What qualifies as a cheap hotel depends on where you're staying and how much your budget allows. Cheap hotels usually come in around $100 US or less, but for some people, cheap may mean $50 or less or could extend upward to around $150. The key to being happy with a cheap hotel is making sure that you are getting a decent quality regardless of where you are staying.

Info on: Cheap Air Fares

Cheap air fares are an excellent way for you and your family to travel! A full-price ticket from the U.S. to Japan can cost up to $1500, but by learning a few budget travel techniques, you can get this ticket price down to a few hundred dollars. Others deals can get even better, which is why it pays for you to look for cheap air fares for your next trip.

Louisville hotels are situated throughout the city. This charming city is in the Bluegrass area and borders the Ohio River. The Ohio River helped Louisville grow into a populous shipping port in the 1800s.


If you enjoy festivals, you'll find something happening in Louisville throughout the year. Louisville hotels book up quickly around the biggest events, especially during the famous Kentucky Derby and Thunder Over Louisville, the nation's largest fireworks show.

Charlottesville motels are available for all types of attractions in this quaint city of 40,000, and FlyerTalk is the home for information to help you make travel plans. Charlottesville, Virginia is the home to the University of Virginia and is the center of many historic buildings. Charlottesville attractions include Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson, Ash-Lawn Highland, the home of James Monroe, and more. Charlottesville motels can help make your stay more enjoyable. Many attractions are available for year-round visiting.
Charleston motels are an excellent place to stay if you will be visiting this historic Southern city anytime soon. Visitors to FlyerTalk will want to explore the site to find review of Charleston motels before they begin their traveling. The right accommodations can make a trip more satisfying and leave you wanting to return. Knowing the best Charleston motels can make your trip more enjoyable.

Info on: Airline Travel

Airline travel typically is the fastest way to get to your destination. Airline travel can mean a bit of a hassle, though the tips you will find at FlyerTalk will help you make the most of your travel time. When you are using airline travel to get your destination, you will need to plan to get to the airport in enough time to go through security, and you need find out beforehand the new regulations for carry-on bags and luggage restrictions.
The Frankfurt Airport has been a popular launching pad for those traveling in and out of Germany since 1936. Today, a layover turns into an opportunity for fun and business at the airport. An array of services exists from shopping and beauty salons to restaurants and banking. As a main European traffic hub, Frankfurt Airport is also a great place to spend a few hours. Even make time for blackjack and slot machines in the Casino.

Info on: Air Europe

Air Europe is a small airline serving primarily the European continent. From London to Frankfurt, Air Europe can get you to the European city of your choice, though many of their flights service Italy. FlyerTalk hosts discussions all about Air Europe, from reviews of the service to how to get the best deals. Before you head out into the European skies, make sure you check out some of the conversations at FlyerTalk.

Info on: Phoenix Hotels

Looking for Phoenix hotels? You've come to the right place. Phoenix is a leading tourist destination thanks to challenging golf courses and gorgeous year-round weather. Phoenix sees very little rainfall, so it's easy to spend time outdoors throughout the year.

Many Phoenix hotels are within easy reach of some of the most famous golf courses in the world. If you enjoy golf, the city of Phoenix is a great destination. Phoenix is also famous for memorable restaurants, exquisite shopping and plenty of museums.

Info on: San Francisco

San Francisco is one of California's most popular cities and a favorite destination for travelers in the U.S. From the cable cars to the Golden Gate Bridge, from Fisherman's Wharf to the iconic narrow townhouses, it's easy to recognize the charm that has made San Francisco so famous.

Info on: Paris Hotels

Paris hotels can range from the modest to the luxurious. There are accommodations for every budget in "The City of Lights," whether you're looking for a hostel or for a five-star hotel. Paris itself is a city that encompasses many different flavors: from the quaint winding back alleys of the Marais, to the broad boulevards of the Champs-Elysees. Frequent flyers know how to find the best value for their favorite Parisian neighborhood.
McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada, is one of the busiest airports in the world. McCarran Airport is located just outside of "Sin City," and houses its own 1,300 slot machines. With an estimated maximum capacity of 53 million people and busy aircraft traffic from around the globe, McCarran Airport is a popular destination with many frequent flyers.

Info on: London Airports

London airports include the four main airports: Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton, and Stansted, as well as other, smaller airports. As the capital of England and the United Kingdom, London is also the largest metropolitan area in the European Union, and one of the most popular cities for travelers around the world. Whether they come to ride a double-decker bus or taste the clotted cream and scones, travelers often enjoy their first welcome to England at the London airports.

Info on: IAH

 (IAH) is an important consideration for travelers leaving from the popular Houston Airport. With five terminals spread out on 250 acres of land and busy passenger traffic, frequent flyers are keen to find the most convenient parking for their terminal departures.
Hotel reservations give travelers the option of planning and booking their accommodations  Whether booked online, through a travel agency, or by phone, hotel reservations ensure travelers a place to stay that matches their desires and expectations.

Info on: Holiday Travel

Holiday travel allows families and individuals to take a break from the routines of the day-to-day and visit family, friends, or exotic new places. Whether they're hitting the slopes or having fun in the sun, holiday travel is a popular pastime for vacationers around the world.

Info on: Gatwick Parking

Gatwick parking is a consideration for any traveler arriving by car at this London airport. As one of the busiest airports in the world, and the second largest in the United Kingdom, Gatwick parking can offer a challenge to travelers departing from either of its two, spread-out terminals. 
Today's travelers have a wide variety of choices when it comes to selecting their flights and airlines. Whether they are seeking convenience, economy, or luxury, passengers have many options available to them: from great budget fares to spacious first-class seating choices. Choosing among these options, frequent flyers are the experts at finding the best deals when it comes to flights and airlines.
Flight reservations today allow air travelers vast control over their flight itineraries: from planning their connections, to selecting their seats, to choosing their meals, all from their home computers. Frequent flyers are experts at finding the best value and most efficient means for making their flight reservations.

Info on: Discount Travel

Discount travel allows individuals, such as students or frequent flyers, to take advantage of travel offers at a reduced price. Discounts are attractive to all travelers on the look out for good deals and value packages. Frequent flyers are especially adept at optimizing discount travel, and keeping on top of great fares and promotion offers.
Comfort Suites hotels offer luxury accommodations at an affordable price.  With all rooms smoke-free, and amenities that include: high speed internet, in-room refrigerator and microwave, and an exercise room and/or swimming pool, it is no wonder that Comfort Suites are such a popular choice among frequent flyers.
Comfort Inn hotels offer comfortable accommodations for travelers on a budget around the world. Frequent flyers, business travelers, and family vacationers turn to Comfort Inn hotels for reliable service that won't break the bank.

Info on: British Airlines

British airlines include popular companies like Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, easyJet, and the well-known British Airways. British Airways, the "Global Gateway," is the United Kingdom's national airline. With so many options among the British airlines - from budget travel offered by easyJet to the luxury experience with British Airways - frequent flyers have their pick for finding optimum flights.

Info on: Beijing Airport

Beijing Airport is the largest and most popular airport in China, as well as one of the busiest in the world. With flights from around the globe, and as the hub for Air China, Beijing Airport is a frequent destination for many of today's travelers. Whether they're a tourist in search of the Great Wall or a business traveler en route to Shanghai, Beijing Airport is the international visitor's first stop.

Info on: Air Tickets

Air tickets are often the biggest and most important purchase when traveling. And, with so many purchasing options online, families, business travelers, and vacationers alike are always keen to find the best fares available. Frequent flyers offer their up-to-the-minute advice for how to find the best deals on air tickets.

Info on: Airline Tickets

Airline tickets provide air travel opportunities around the globe. Experienced frequent flyers know all the ins and outs of airline tickets: from how to find the best ticket prices, to how to track down airline stock numbers, to whom to call when they need a ticket refund.

Info on: Air Tickets

Air tickets are often the biggest and most important purchase when traveling. And, with so many purchasing options online, families, business travelers, and vacationers alike are always keen to find the best fares available. Frequent flyers offer their up-to-the-minute advice for how to find the best deals on air tickets.

Info on: Air India

Air India and its affiliates offer service to hundreds of cities around the world. With destinations throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East, Air India is a popular choice among many of today's frequent flyers.

Info on: Air Fares

Air fares are ever changing, with online buyers always on the hunt for the lowest prices and the best values. Frequent flyers know all the tricks for finding the best air fares available, and are among the first to notice when ticket prices are at a premium.

Info on: Travel Package

British airlines include popular companies like Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, easyJet, and the well-known British Airways. British Airways, the "Global Gateway," is the United Kingdom's national airline. With so many options among the British airlines - from budget travel offered by easyJet to the luxury experience with British Airways - frequent flyers have their pick for finding optimum flights.

Info on: LAX Flights

LAX flights arrive at this Los Angeles airport from around the world, whether carrying vacationers excited to see Hollywood, or business men and women headed to meetings downtown. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the United States, and one of the most popular with tourists worldwide. And frequent flyers know all the best tips for maneuvering through the fifth busiest airport in the world: Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

Info on: Air Canada

Air Canada is the largest airline of Canada, with its main hub in Toronto. In fleet size, it is one of the world's largest airlines, and offers service to destinations around the world. With flights to North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean, to name a few, it is no wonder that Air Canada is one of the most popular airlines with travelers.

When it comes to group travel, sometimes charter air flights are the way to go. There is no need to deal with the stress of trying to book everyone on the same flight, which always seem to fill up a little too quickly. Fly with comfort on a chartered air flight.

CDG is Charles de Gaulle International Airport. As the main international airport for France it can be tricky.  Find tips and answers to your questions about CDG. 

Info on: BKK Airport

Offering exotic culture, a thriving nightlife, and world-class cuisine, Bangkok is one of the hottest travel destinations in Asia.  BKK airport serves the greater Bangkok area.  Due to its restaurants, airport hotel, and duty free shopping BKK Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the perfect landing spot for your trip to Thailand.

Info on: Airport Taxi

Outside of any terminal will be a horde of airport taxi drivers all fighting for business.  Find ways this can work for you, or learn about other modes of travel to avoid airport taxi's altogether.  From reserving one in advance to grabbing one as you leave the terminal there is plenty of ways to get the best bang for your buck.

Info on: Air Ticket

A cheap air ticket is the grail of any savvy flyer.  Although coveted there are plenty out there if you look in the right spot.  Make sure to get every dime's worth of your money by not wasting money on inflated air ticket prices. 

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