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We decided to explore more of South East Asia and chose to explore Viet Nam after receiving an email from the FS about their new property in Hoi An. As many would know it is a former GHM hotel that was reflagged in December last year.

On beach vacations we only book private pool villas and we booked a Pay Three Stay Four offer that included:

  • Airport transfers
  • Unlimited use of the hotel limousine
  • Dedicated Butler service
  • Breakfast
  • Afternoon tea in villa
  • Complimentary mini bar
  • Cocktails and canapes in villa

It brought the price down from USD $1,200 per night to $800++.

We did also look at the Amanoi which not only matched the price but all of the above benefits but the decision came down to size. We generally book suites because my partner likes to watch Netflix at night and I like to catch up on sleep and being in a big studio like the Amanoi wouldn't work us.


Check In


Despite the hotel having a desk at the arrivals hall where luggage is delivered in DAD the driver met us outside. He was a little shocked to pick us up and I wasn't sure whether this was because of our age or because he expected a male and female couple.


We were driven in a BMW  to the hotel and were immediately greeted by our Butler and a front desk representative. We were taken straight to our villa and offered private, in villa check in.

I had previously requested a villa with direct ocean views but with some privacy and was very glad I did as soom pool villas at the back, although higher appeared to have no view whatsoever.


Because we skipped the lobby we hadn't seen the ocean or any views to impress us until we arrived at the villa.


We walked through a gate that had a water feature lobby with the living and dining room villa in fron of us and our bedroom and bathroom villa to our right. The Butler's quarters was beging the bedroom villa and from what I could gather it's where the Butler spends their time from morning until night and where deliveries for the room are made.


We walked in and it was spectacular. The living room villa was enourmous with a huge dining table in the middle. One of the very few negatives was that there were four sitting areas in each corner, not really designed for two people to lay together so if you were planning to watch a movie then you would be sitting in either corner. The TV isn't large but I guess they anticipate people won't be watching it much.

As you arrive they have setup one of three playlists of 'Resort Vibes, Four Seasons or Vietnamese Music' and they were so perfect that I imported them into my iTunes.

The bedroom was stunning with the large raised bed looking out to the ocean, the desk immediately behind which I barely used, the sunken bath and the outdoor shower.





The pool was enourmous, and deep - around 1.2m. Immediately in front was sand leading right to the ocean. While they are villas in a diagonal line on either side of you your privacy isn't impacted unless they are specifically looking.




Our Butler Mai was new to the role but was so joyous and caring. From the moment we arrived she went out of her way to look after us. She explained that she would provide all of our services including in villa dining. She greeted us every morning with Vietnamese Iced Coffee and worked until after we had dinner.

She explained all of the pool villa benefits and gave us a tour of the room. When she noticed we preferred one type of crisps and left the others she only replished the ones we ate daily. It was that kind of anticipation that continued during our stay.

We aren't demanding guests but having a dedicated butler means you need to get used to them being around. You can place a tassell on the villa doors as 'Do Not Disturb' but we never used it. The keys are also placed on a tassell which is very invonvenient to carry around.

Mai brought us fruit throughtout the day including fresh coconuts, afternoon tea which consisted of three mini bites on a platter and canapes and cocktails after dinner. Canapes consisted of some Fetta, olives and crispbreads.

As we were celebrating our anniversary Mai spent the first night setting up candles all around our pool and placing rose petals over the outdoor dining area and also setting up a rose pettle bath with a bottle of Bolly. It was all very adorable.

In the cabinet next to the TV are decanters of Gin, Vodka and Whiskey which are also complimentary during your stay.

All of the staff we interacted with were great, remembering breakfast preferences without us asking as well as allergies. Some of the staff here absolutely shine in their interaction with you.

Once a week the hotel hosts drinks with the GM and we had a great chat about the rebranding, how it's attracted a different clientle and the slight changes they have made since it was a GHM. Apparently FS are looking at more properties in Viet Nam.




Breakfast has a large buffet but also an a la carte menu from which you can order as many items as you wish.

Most of the restaurants' menu items are also available through in villa dining at the same price. The cost can be astounding to some, particularly in a country like Viet Nam. Butter Chicken was around $50, however was exceptional. It was baked in it's own Naan and the Chicken Biryani was the best I have ever had. The Executive Chef is Indian and he prepares the meals in the centre of the restaurant. The food could rival a silver service restaurant so the cost is justified.

We tried several Vietnamese dishes and the standard burger and club sandwhich via in villa dining and they were all very good.

Curiously the in villa BBQs which you can arrange where a Chef cooks a range of meats next to your pool while your Butler serves you is exceptional value at around $120-$200 depending on which you choose. We only discovered this on the last day and they can only execute 3 BBQs per day.


Local Culture and Experience

Despite being a 5 star global chain hotel the hotel has remained true to its heritage. Earlier we found this video from GHM that explains the traditional villa design which is fascinating

This is also infused through the hotel F&B and the spa also has a 'Goodnight kiss to the Earth' ceremony in front of their glass Buddha which I highly recommend.

There are a range of activities within the hotel for guest's to partake on a weekly schedule as well as experiences you can book offsite. If you don't top or tail your visit with Ho Chi Min or Hanoi I would strongly recommend.


The hotel is only 20 mins from DAD and around 10 minutes to Hoi An. The beach is stunning and I assume most guests don't leave the resort.

That said, we spent two nights afterwards at the HR DAD and the view was much more impressive, partly because of its outlook over the Lady Buddha but also because of its height.


Overall we had an incredible stay. After the hustle and bustle of SGN, where we had a wonderful stay at the PH, the FS was the perfect antidote for some rest and relaxation.

We spent most of out time in and by the pool which is what we had planned and it was exactly what we wanted and more.

The hotel is impressive and other than breakfast or when we ate dinner in the restaurant we didn't see any other guests.

The hotel pools looked busy as the hotel was operating at 98% and the property is very popular with families. We were surprised at the number of families with lots of small children so at times were glad to leave breakfast.

Of of my friends said she has clients who have returned for over ten years and request the same Butler and I very much understand why.





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