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Medium Forest ambiance
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Medium Forest ambiance


Medium Forest ambiance

My 2nd 25hours hotel stay after the Munich one already reported. Stay was OK, but no WOW effect with the room. The hotel has some great assets, but I clearly prefered the Munich one. As it is adjacent to the Berlin zoo, the "story" of this 25hours is to be an "urban jungle" so you have plants and teddy monkeys everywhere.

This hotel is nicely located in Charlottenburg/Kurfürstendamm area, very close to the Pullman Schweizerhöf and the bankrupt Sofitel, facing Berlin zoo. It has a nice bar and restaurant on the top floor (+ outside terrace) and it is apparently very popular with Berliners, judging by the waiting line outside the hotel to go up there.

I chose this hotel, to try something new in Berlin and after my good experience in Münich and because of the abysmal experience currently at bankrupt Sofitel Kurfürstendamm described by EconotoneHR.

This is the hotel building and the entrance.


In the entrance hall, there is an attendant to handle the flow of external guests going to the top floor bar and restaurant. Those people are using a separate lift on the right. Hotel guests lifts are on the left and the reception/front desk is on the 3rd floor.


This is the front desk


And the reception floor with large common area (including outdoor terrace), a bakery/coffee place and some meeting rooms.





Check In

Rooms categories are described as medium/large/extra large with some variants for each. I booked a "Medium - forest ambiance". Check-in done by a courteous young woman. No upgrade as hotel was almost fully booked for the 1st night (only the same category as the one I booked was bookable this day) and hotel was full for the 2nd night. She told me they gave me a nice room on a top floor. She gave me a welcome note. Drink voucher was not given do I requested it and it was given (same in Münich, it seems that 25hours hotel are not keen to give it spontaneously).

Welcome gift was this little bag of pop corn




I was certainly a bit disappointed by the room as :

- it was rather small, no place to store clothes apart a few hangers

- no division at all between bathroom and bedroom (zero privacy if you are 2 in the room). Toilets are separate of course in this kind of design.

- no chair or armchair

The following morning, I could see the view was indeed nice and the zoo was right below my windows and I could see real gorillas and big birds down below ;)

The hammock was certainly fun facing the view, but that doesn't replace IMO an armchair or a sofa.


No bathrobe or slippers seem to be provided in 25hours hotels.

Minibar content is free (water, beer, candy bar).

Housekeeping is done on request during Covid.

Ceiling was (very) raw concrete. Not really my cup of tea.






As I said in the introduction of this review, the Monkey bar and Nenni restaurants seem to be very popular for Berliners.

Here is the bar empty in the morning :



And very very busy in the evening


Entrance of the Neni restaurant :


I wanted to have diner there because of the awful weather outside but no table was available before 10 pm...

Breakfast is taken there too and it





Overall, certainly not a bad stay but no WOW effect with the room. I got late checkout till 15:30 (this is the time I requested).

I am not sure I will return as there are better options in town for my taste/needs. But this is a decent hotel, with nice staff and the bar should be very enjoyable with good weather

If you want to stay there, I believe it is advisable to book the large or XL rooms.



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