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Room 3824 , Skyline View
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Room 3824

Skyline View


Skyline View

I hesitated a long time between returning to Le Meridien or trying this Marriott. Rates were about the same, though the Marriott was a tad more expensive, but the free breakfast won me over :) Rates were at around EUR 100 for LM and EUR 113 for the Marriott.



This hotel is located smack in the middle of what I would call a business/conference area, a bit North from the main station. The hotel itself is called "& Conference Center" on the facade. If you need to be in this area (office buildings, Messe Frankfurt) then it's a good location. Otherwise it's a bit dead on weekends and at night. Not much to see or do if you like to walk around. Of course you can take the tram or the U-Bahn or a taxi but I usually like to do everything by foot.

There is a shopping mall next to the Messe though. I didn't visit so can't talk about it.

Walking from the train station too me 20-30 minutes roughly. You can also take the U-Bahn (2 stops) but still need to walk the last stretch. Or easier, take the trams (2 or 3 lines running from the station to the hotel). Get a short trip ticket for EUR 1.85 and you're set. Takes less than 10 minutes (4 stops) but it stops right in front of the hotel.


Check In

Checked-in at around 23h30 on a Friday night. The lobby was kind of empty so it was easy. I made two separate one night reservations due to last minute changes. I did inform them in advance through the chat feature on the app. That was great and worked wonders. I also received an alert on the app saying that I had been upgraded and did my check-in through the app. I still don't know why because it doesn't really save you that much time. I had to wait for the Front Desk agent to type for a while on his screen before he could merge both reservations and make me sign the arrival form.

I was upgraded from the basic room "Guest Room" to a "Skyline View" room. All rooms are on a high floor anyway as the guest rooms are all located on floors 26 to 43.

Lobby area


There are 4 elevators that go up to the rooms. No security here as anyone can just go up the floors.... you only need to swipe your card to reach the top floor (43) to access the Executive Lounge.


These 4 elevators are not really sufficient in the morning when everyone is checking-out or heading to/from breakfast. I waited for almost a minute (it's an eternity when you stand outside an elevator haha) to go down in the morning. They even have the service elevators (3 of them) available for guests during rush hours. But you go through the back of the house, which is not the nicest area with vacuum cleaners and containers with dirty sheets around. Plus, when you exit those elevators on the room floors, you end up facing 2 or 3 doors without knowing exactly which door to use to get out to the rooms...



Not much to say here, good size room, clean and spacious with a nice King size bed. The view was great but since the building is L shaped, you also have a nice view on the neighbours' rooms :)

One power outlet on each side of the bed, which is great. 




Super modern room temperature controls....




Floor layout



Good size bathroom with shower/tub and a glass partition that did quite a good job at not getting your floor look like a lake after a shower.





As mentioned by others previously, it seems that the hotel doesn't serve breakfast in the Executive Lounge during weekends. I received vouchers to be used at the ground floor restaurant "Brasserie Ici". Breakfast was served until noon, which is really good. It didn't feel crowded at all, despite having quite a lot of people there. Choice was good withouth being a show stopper. The service staff though was really great, smiling, attentive and always happy to help and refill your juices/coffee/tea. Really appreciated.

Pet peeves: the coffee... you can either get Americano coffee jugs from the waiters or go to the machine to get "real" coffee and other cappuccino/latte. BUT, there's a big BUT, there is only one machine for the entire breakfast area... so I let you imagine the queue at some points.


Executive Lounge

The lounge is on the top floor (43) and is accessible only with a key that is activated for it. There are a couple of guest rooms on that floor as well. You need to swip your card once again at the door of the lounge.

There was absolutely no one there when i visited after breakfast, at around noon. There wasn't even an attendant manning the welcome desk, which meant that there were a few tables with dirty dishes and used papers laying around. The lounge is split in several smaller salons and offers great views over the city. I didn't see any spirits or wines (or maybe they only bring them out in the evening for the happy hour). Just soft drinks, beers, hot drinks, some cakes and muffins. Now that I see the pictures, I didn't open the fridge on the left... maybe there were wines there...








I really had a great stay here, no complaints. But for my next stay, I'd still go for Le Meridien as I could just walk to the center, shopping area, river side, old town.


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