JW Marriott Phu Quoc: Hidden Gem Redefining Luxury

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Room 5101
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Room 5101



My wife and I found great airfare to Vietnam (thanks to Flyertalk) and couldn't decide what cities to visit within the country. When we saw that JW opened a brand new location in Phu Quoc, we knew we had to try it. 

We love JW's. We have stayed at many around the US and Asia. We even got married at one. The JW Marriott Phu Quoc is the best JW and one of the nicest resorts we've ever stayed at around the world. 

From the accommodations to the service, everything was perfect. This JW has redefined what the term luxury means. 

Check In

Check in is easy and a breeze. Once we arrived we were handed a very tasty cinnamon welcome drink. After check in was completed we were given a private tour of the beautiful grounds and escorted to our room via golf cart. This is when we learned all about the university themed grounds since it was built on the site of Lamarck University. Each building is a different department. The University theme is taken very seriously -- every detail follows the theme. You're even given a schedule of classes/activities (e.g., how to make a lantern, yoga) that you can participate in. They encourage you to study and participate!      

Activity Calendar


Since we are Marriott Rewards Gold members we were given an upgrade. We stayed in room 5101 in the department of Art. The room was beautiful. We were on the first floor and our door opened right up to the pool and the beach was right beyond that.

The room itself wasn't large, but the high ceilings and large windows overlooking the pool/ocean made the room feel a lot bigger than it actually is. The bathroom was beautiful. Also very high ceilings and was almost as large as the bedroom. The bathroom had two sinks, a soaking tub and a shower head hanging from the 15 ft ceiling. I've never seen anything like it before. The toilet and a small sink had its own door outside of the main bathroom. 

The room also had a patio which featured a coach and a ceiling fan. I would highly recommend this room. You can literally take two steps outside of your room and be in the water. 

IMG_0793.JPGThe bedroom

View from our bed

View of infinity pool from our patio 



View of our room from the outside looking in



The service was top notch. Everyone walking around greets you as you pass by. The staff is extremely attentive and friendly. When you sit down at the pool, the staff comes over with water and a cold towel before you can even put sun screen on. From the front desk to house keeping to dining, everyone is friendly.

We took advantage of the water activities during our stay. We did kayaking and stand up paddleboarding. They also had snorkels, volleyball and more. You don't need to pay extra for any water equipment. They'll even teach you how to do the stand-up paddle board or come in the kayak with you and row! 


Dining was really good, but not amazing. Why? The hotel just opened and there are only two choices for restaurants right now. Their third restaurant (Cantonese food) is still under construction but will open in the fall.  

Red Rum: Great for lunch. You can eat there or at poolside. They have sandwiches, salads, and burgers. We didn't go for dinner, but they have fresh seafood on their menu at dinner. Think of this place as your poolside grill. 

Tempus Fugit: This is where the breakfast buffet and dinner are served. For dinner, they serve Vietnamese and French in this restaurant. It's good. Breakfast is outstanding. If you've ever been to a breakfast buffet in Asia, this will rank in your top. They have everything and it's made fresh. Western and Asian. Many different stations. Eggs, Seafood, Sushi, French Toast, fresh juice, fresh bread, dim sum and more. As a Marriott Gold member, breakfast is included in your stay. 

Department of Chemistry: You have to check this out. As a Marriott Rewards Gold Member, you get a free happy hour from 5 - 6 p.m. at their bar (the department of chemistry). It's awesome! On top of the free drinks and food, they have a nice cushioned lounge area that you can sit and watch the ocean. The menu is different every night and the service is top notch. Take advantage of this perk.

Off Property Dining:  There really isn't much in walking distance. You would have to take a taxi to the night market in Duong Duong or the Long Beach area for other restaurant and bar options. 

IMG_0807.JPGHappy hour menu on our second night

Drinks and apps

Drinks are served in beakers and then poured into glasses


It's a short 45-minute plane ride from SGN. Phu Quoc has an international airport and they are really building up the island. Other luxury resorts are opening on the island too. 

Since the JW is so new, not all taxi drivers know where the resort is. I highly recommend taking the address of the hotel with you. This goes for when you're first arriving at PQC airport and when you're taking a taxi off grounds. We had two taxi drivers that did not know where the hotel was. Thankfully we had the address and phone number with us. 

The hotel is remote. It's a good 25-minute drive to the night market and a little bit further to the long beach area. You don't need to leave the resort everything is there, but if you want to explore, plan for a drive. 


They had 3 - 4 pools and of course the beach. The pools were mostly infinity pools. They were very nice. Best of all, they were never crowded. In fact, we were often the only people at the pool. The hotel is so new and we found out they were only at 40% capacity during our stay. We felt like we had the resort to ourselves. The staff treated us like royalty.



We tried the spa out and it was great. They were running a special when we were there. If you purchased 1 60-minute service, you got another 60-minute service for free (for the same person). The prices were very reasonable (but don't expect to pay what you pay on the streets of SGN). The deal was only valid on select services (e.g., certain types of massages, facials) and it was worth it. 

The only drawback to the spa is they don't have the wait room/post relaxation amenities that other spas have (e.g., spa pool, locker room w/ products). Once the service is done, they gave you a drink and you relax at the main entrance after changed (this wasn't an issue because once again we were the only ones there).  

Spa entrance. Pictures on the ceiling


Relaxation drink post massage


I have no clue how this hotel is a category 5. It should much higher. 

We used our points as the rate was USD $400 per night and it was well worth it.

Expect Phu Quoc to be a go-to destination in the coming years as they continue to build up.

Once again, I've been to many JW's and stayed in many resorts around the world. This hotel is the best and my new favorite. From service to amenities, everything was perfect. I would highly recommend it to anyone.   


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