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Room 208
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Room 208



I am writing this review from a World of Hyatt perspective, and as such, I would totally avoid this hotel for multiple reasons as outlined below.

The benefits for WOH members are stated as follows: 

  • Complimentary continental breakfast for two
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Early check-in 12:00pm (based on availability at check-in)
  • Late check-out 2:00pm (based on availability at check-in)
  • One category room upgrade (based on availability at check-in)


Check In

Check-in was extremely frustrating and disappointing.

It was basically friendly, they offered water or sparkling wine while the process was going on.

I had to fill in a form with my personal details, so the information was not transferred from my account. Not a big issue. But I noticed that the room was already pre-assigned and room number stated on the form. When I asked what type of room it was, they FDA said it was the room type I booked. Lowest category. I said I should get an upgrade as a WOH member. All rooms sold out was the answer. Agent double checked and said, yeah ... she only has an upgrade to a room with 2 beds and we for sure would not want that. (We had reserved king, but actually prefer double... booked king as we hoped to have a better chance of an upgrade). My wife and I simultaneously said „oh that is fine“. Agent checked again and said.... oh no, acrually there is no upgrade with 2 beds either. I showed her my cell phone and said... all room categories are avaiable for sale, and as a WOH member I specifically chose this hotel to try it out.... she disappeared twice in the back office.... before she finally upgraded us 1 category....needed a lot of pushing.  (copy/past from my previous post while on site).

In hindsight when checking the rooms today when publishing this review, I believe I was NOT upgraded, only had a pool view. The basic rooms do not have a desk, while the others do. And my room did not have a desk!


Room is very very very small. hardly any place to put 2 suitcases. the Bed was pretty comfortable though20190213_155707.jpg


and in the whole room, there was not a single waste bin, not in the bathroom, nor near the "bar", nowhere. We had to be creative and use a Publix plastic bag, the luxury version of a waste bin.


I missed the free bottle of water for WOH members. The bottle of Fiji cots 8$  - no way I'd pay that. 

The bathroom was very very very small. there was no room to store anything:



Due to the fact, that we still had jetlag, we were awake around 5 a.m. I was looking forward to a great cup of coffee (not the filtered coffee typically available), from an "Illy" coffee machine. BUT, there was no milk, or cream, of creamer/powder. 

So I went down to the reception to ask for some milk, and he said, "no, there is none in the room, and the fridges are locked, so I'd have to wait until the restaurant opens" (which by the way was 7:30 am for breakfast.).

My wife cannot drink coffee without milk/cream, but I tried it. I survived :-).

When I received my credit card bill, I noticed an additional charge of about 2.50$. Since 1 coffee pad was the only item we took from the bar, it must be for that. So not even coffee was included. I did not have any additional charges beyond room rate and the taxes.


Service in general was nothing special at all.



We only had breakfast there. Continental was included. From my perspective, breakfast starts way too late. 7:30 am. When we came down at 7:29, there were about 4 couples waiting in the lobby. So we are for sure not the only ones who have breakfast early. I do not expect breakfast at 6 am, since it is a leisure and not a busienss hotel. but 7am is the minimum I'd say. 

Upon entrance they checked on a list if breakfast was included or not. It was not noted, that it was included as a WOH member, I had to explain. They told me I need to get a voucher first at the front desk, which I tried to do... only the FDA could not find any. They let me in nevertheless.


Breakfast was meh... sorry, but Hyatt Place is better. Very basic, nothing extraordinary. Not what I would expect from a "Small Luxury Hotel", I did not see any luxury (e.g. salmon, scrambled eggs - there were only hard-boiled and cold eggs). Probably you could have ordered à la carte eggs etc, but that would not hav been included.

Staff not really interested and not friendly  - disappointing experience.


Location good, nothing to add. about 15 minutes walk to Lincoln Road mall.


Pool was heated and very warm. View from our room:20190213_155815.jpg

On the day before it had been raining heavily - all day. The pool staff did not remove the cushions of the pool chairs, so on the following day (nice and sunny) they were soaking wet and could not be used. They were still wet when we left the pool area before noon. I would have expected, from a "luxury hotel", that they be removed and put back again for use.



As a World of Hyatt member, I would NOT book this hotel. It is not worth a 30% higher rate, not at all.  When next time in the South Beach area, The Confidante would be my first choice, then the Centric SB. 

I even had to pay the 30$ resort fee at The Plymouth, which at Hyatt branded hotels is waived for Globalists.

These are screenshots for my stay from 13-14 Feb 2019. you will notice the price, plus you'll notice the availability of all room categories. 

What I thought was MOST disturbing was, that the front desk agent simply lied to me, that no other rooms were available to upgrade. Unbelievable.

Screenshots merged.jpg




The beach is about a 5 minute walk from the hotel. 2 beach chairs and towels are included in the room rate.


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