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Pool suite
August 7, 2017 by EXPERT

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Pool suite


Pool suite

Check In


Actually we were chatting so much at the bar with Michel B that we forgot to check in in the suite ;)

( We already had a chance meeting with Ian W who was popping by Kila earlier in the day or stay. )

At Aman , anything ( tasteful ) goes 


 View from the bar  .  Note the waves & kite 




View from the Terrace



Mt Agung from the pool !




Amanusa - " Nusa " - is conveniently located .  Nearest to the airport amongst the Bali 3 & best for early flights including those to Wana or evening / late flights . No worries about getting to the airport early with the traffic jams these days .

But what I consider to be a rather strategic position is often given a bad rap .

Just because once Nusa Dua is mentioned as the address , people either " switch off " or roll their eyes  .. 

This  , however , has been to our advantage , along with others in the know what a superb location it is . This is not just for golfers who love that Nusa is right by a beautiful golf course , re seeded , etcetera not long ago .

As you can see , she is far from the madding crowd ;) , perched on a hill with splendid views of the surroundings . One can even watch the waves rolling in & crashing on the reefs , the kites really high in the sky ..

But if one decides to join the those down the hill & hang out by the sea , it is a fun throw back in time riding one of the Nusa " vintage " jeeps , wearing a hat might help ;)

We made it to the beach .. !! & ..



Interesting development by the local authorities since our January stay , viewed from our beach bale , Nusa Beach Club 

Guess , some shade for the boardwalk if this second attempt at planting palms is successful ;)







Same pool suite for many years including August 2015

Sunrise August 2017


Pool suite at night , current stay  . Forgot to take photos before the poolside candles went off 


We have been in so many of the pool suites here , possibly all of them but in recent years it has been the one at one of the higher spots .

Did not take any photos of room yet but may post from previous stays . If not look at other TRs or even the website as all interiors are similar .

Here is the only one ..

View from room towards the pool bale 



Some of the staff here have been at Nusa for a long time and this helps in keeping up standards - Aman style . With so many newer hotels nearby , retaining staff has been an issue more recently . You can differentiate the newer ones who are generally younger ..


The meals here are a joy !

Arguably with the best variety amongst Indon Amans .. With chefs along with a F & B team and management who are open to explore fresh ideas :)

Perhaps benefitting from having previous GMs and such with F & B backgrounds .

With 2 dining areas , the Terrace which serves primarily Indonesian and Thai cuisines and the Italian . The Italian finally has an Italian at the helm . Lorenzo B came on board in December and delivers a mean menu . FYI , he has been around to the other Indon Amans , so requesting off menu Italian should be better these days ..

Enjoy refreshing young coconuts and their flesh / meat .. get lots here with a view . What more can one want ?


Well , perhaps these Sumbawa lobsters :)

These expertly done by Chef Komang , hormok Thai style  .. 

You can also see perkedel jagung ( sweetcorn fritter )




This evening photo was taken the next day walking from lobby towards the Terrace . With golf green in view , right by the pool & some suites , it shows how much buffer one has to the rest of the hotels ; as with the dark expanse in the other full moon photo.


Full Moonrise , from Nusa main pool 




View of the full moon & reflection from the Terrace

we could even see the waves rolling in and breaking



Here is another full moon shot from the Terrace , by GM Ian W & edited by moi .



We always enjoy being at Nusa , often a welcome start or relaxing end to our Bali sojourns .. an oasis of calm after the airport routine or good preparation for getting back to the real world .

What I mean is , Nusa is at Nusa Dua a sort of enclave with lots of hotels but yet away from it all being above them . Being nearer to civilisation unlike the other Indon Amans , plus you get 2 restaurants :)

Also love Nusa ' s big square main pool !

Lovely to have the expanse of beach  , though shared , the Nusa Beach Club is still rather private  .

One can venture to the shoreline to observe the beach activities including the fishermen at times or just laze at the bales or tan on your lounger  or if you wish to sit , at your own table at your bale .

Nusa is possibly the least physically challenging of the 3 Aman Bali properties if not all Aman Indon ones ..

Now why am I sharing this ??

Hmm , for our FTer Amanjunkie friends & to be friends , of course ! .. our hidden gem ( actually in plain view :) !! ) but perhaps no more for FTers who read this 

What a life !  :)



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