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Does WR have status levels? Can I status match?

Marriott Platinum,
but I have a few trips that will require me to stay at Wyndam.
I noticed the byRequest program but do not see any elite level.
Should I just register on the web and hope for the best or do they do anything like a status match.
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Wyndham does not have Elite status per se. You get airlines miles only as far as I know and by signing up for Wyndham by Request, you get amenities (your choices) and free local phone call, free long distance (48US only I think) and free high speed internet
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Hilton Honors status match

Hello people, I'm usually found on the Hhonors forum (as well as the forums for a few airlines).

I'm due to stay at your Baltimore property in June at a conference, and thought while I'm staying there I might as well join up to the loyalty programme. Does anyone know if Wyndham ByRequest will match my Diamond Hhonors status ?

And if so who should I contact ?

Many thanks for your help
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As I understand Wyndham ByRequest, there is only one level - the more you stay the better it gets - and its pretty good right up front. I have always been upgraded to a deluxe room (sometimes a suite) and recieve a welcome basket which varies on the contents but always nice. I an Hilton Diamond and SPG Platinum but I like Wyndham ByRequest too.
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Newbie Questions

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere...I searched this forum and looked at the TripRewards website without success. I'm an old Marriott guy, but am on a project where the office is across the parking lot from a Wingate.

--Is there a website I can look to find how many miles a day costs at different hotels? Marriott had a matric where it showed, for each calss, how much 1,2 3 etc. nights would cost (the last nights were cheaper than the first nights). All I found as "30,000 miles" for a Wyndham. I HOPE that's not a nightly charge.

--When I checked into me hotel this week, the desk clerk said they'd enroll me, but I never gave them an e-mail addy. Is there a seperate enrollment, or dis they really get this done?

--Where do I look to find out about status levels? As I'll be spending a LOT of time in the hotels, is there a way to do a Challenge for a higher level?
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www.triprewards.com for your first question. Sorry I can't do any of the rest, but this might help.

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Call TripRewards at 1-800-367-8747 to see if you were enrolled and to find out your member number. They do allow you to count stays within 30 days of enrolling, so if they didn't enroll you, you can enroll now, and still get credit for it.

I don't think they have other levels, other than for Wyndham ByRequest, where after 3 stays, you get a few perks.
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Does WR have status levels?


I just enrolled and was browsing for status levels. Can't find anything..

Do they have different levels?

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Originally Posted by Markus1301 View Post

I just enrolled and was browsing for status levels. Can't find anything..

Do they have different levels?
It's quite possible they don't. Similar-space competitors Best Western and Choice each only started their respective status program within the last couple years or so. And at both those, in practice you don't get much more than bonus points (and those only on point-earning stays) at most properties, since most properties in that space don't have anything to upgrade you to. (Choice has Clarion where there can well be upgrade-quality rooms, but those are a very small minority of the hotels in their program, and I don't know anyone who regularly does paid stays in those, and since Choice allows booking any type room for the same points pretty much as long as it's available for sale, there's no need for them to upgrade on reward stays. )
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No, Wyndham doesn't offer status levels per se. The only trick is that you don't actually get any of the ByRequest benefits (free wi-fi, free calls, welcome snacks, etc.) until you've stayed three nights. Your account is automatically upgraded after that.

With Choice Privileges, Only the standard rooms and suites are available for award booking. Usually rooms with "premium" features (whirlpools, etc.) are blocked out. Presumably, one could get upgraded into one of those, but I've never had any luck yet.
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Matching status

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Status in what program after 3 nights??? There is no status in WynhamRewards! (And that's the name of the program that this forum is primarily about.)
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I've read this thread and checked the homepage, and - just to be totally sure: there is no status per se, and so there is no status match - correct!?

But, is there something like "instant ByRequest-Benefits"? I mean, if i join the program, may i enter a code or something and enjoy the benefits right away? That would be cool...
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Just to be clear: WyndhamRewards program (points) is a program that is used by many different hotel brands, including Wingate, Super 8, Days Inn, Travelodge, Ramdaa, Baymont, Microtel, etc, etc.

But "By Request" does not work at any of those.

"By Request" only works at the Wyndham brand proper, and nowhere else.

So if you're not staying specifically at the Wynhdam brand, but at other WyndhamRewards brands, "By Request" (instant or otherwise) would do you absolutely no good.

(And, btw, Wyndharm rewards has comparatively few Wyndham brand properties. Many of the other brands have way way more locations. Thus I suspect the average WyndhamRewards member stays rarely, some never, at Wyndham brand properties, but mostly/always at one of the other brands, simply due to geographical distribution.)
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