Anyone had an account closed?

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Question Anyone had an account closed?

Hello everyone,

I went to log on to my account tonight and saw that my account was closed. I started looking through the terms and conditions and noticed after 18 months of inactivity the account can be closed. Last time I checked there was around 22K points in the account. Has anyone had any luck in calling the customer service number and having their account reinstated?
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Been there.
Best to receive airline points on a carrier where you do business, instead of WR points, if you don't use WR that often. (Same with Choice Hotels' program.) WR doesn't just zap your points to zero, they CLOSE your account totally, which IMHO is foolish.

If it just occurred, and you have a booking within the next week or two (even a mattress run), a phone call with a touch of shock and smidgen of indignation tempered with humility and the future booking won't hurt. ASK for the points reinstatement and "it won't happen again and I have a booking...". Note also points can expire after 4 years of non-redemption as well, I believe.

Next time, buy a pair of socks on, or a travel-something on, from within the 18 months and it will also stay alive also.
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I had my account closed too. I had 0 points in my account so no big loss.
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Hi folks

Same problem: I lost 9,371 points...

Wyndham Reward Customer Service said me:

After reviewing your account, I have found that it was closed on
04/18/2010 due to lack of activity. As per our terms and conditions, a
member's Wyndham Rewards account can be terminated and all accrued
points cancelled or forfeited if the member has no account activity for
a period of 18 consecutive months. Account activity is defined as the
earning, purchasing, or redeeming of Wyndham Rewards points. There has
been no activity on your account since 10/2008.
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My account has been unlocked , but with the following transaction : "18/04/10 Inactivity Redemption After 18 Months -9,371".

Too bad, I was not warned...
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