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What and how do you wear on an overnight flight?

What and how do you wear on an overnight flight?

Old Dec 10, 18, 6:59 am
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What and how do you wear on an overnight flight?

i have to fly out to Germany before Christmas and back for my only brotherís funeral. Since it will be a stressful time, I have chosen to fly a flat bed overnight going there. Since they do not provide pajamas( and I would not know how to change in the tiny bathroom.) , I need your help to know if I should change or not and if so , how😉. Thanks!
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Old Dec 10, 18, 11:00 am
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Germany trip

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Personally, I eschew fashion and wear comfortable clothes so no changing clothes in the tiny bathroom is required. For me that means leggings and a comfortable tunic top and flats or the ever-comfortable AllBirds. I bring slippers for on the flight.
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Old Dec 10, 18, 4:26 pm
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Stretchy lounge-type pants and a comfy fleece top (over a t-shirt that you can swap out for a clean one when you land) would be my suggestion, with slip-ons (I have a couple of pairs of Ecco sneaker-y shoes that are super comfortable and yet much nicer-looking than sneakers).
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Old Dec 11, 18, 7:54 am
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With many economy level flights to China from the US.....Layers, and elastic waist bands! Layers because I've been cold AND hot on planes. Knit pants (I don't usually wear leggings, but have some slim fit knit pants), knit tee, sweater (usually a long merino cardigan for cooler weather travel) scarf, comfy bra (no underwires for long flights - I've never had a problem with security screening but I have a large bust and don't want ALL THAT wire cutting in to me at hour 8 ;-) I still wear my heaviest shoes on the plane so I don't have to pack them, but bring a slipper (and a shoe bag for after the flight!) to wear - has to have a rubbery sole for the lavs!) I always wear black - I wear it a lot anyway, but also because I've had people spill red wine on me. Hopefully in business class you'll have a better experience!
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Old Dec 11, 18, 9:13 am
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My go to wear for overnight flights is loose t-shirt dress with yoga pants and a cardigan if the flight gets too cold.
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Old Dec 16, 18, 7:18 pm

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Gungadin, first off, I am so sorry about your loss.

2ndly, Are you connecting? I don't recall CVG having directs to Germany? Length of the flight dictates my decision. Anything under 8 hours (assuming I can get a shower soon after I deplane) is similar to the above. Super comfy layers and an non wire bra. Planes can get HOT and stuffy when the lights go down. I don't worry about slippers as they will be provided (and usually sleeping socks too)..wear your heaviest shoes. Bring an extra pair of socks if you must for plane only (I can never seem to find my slippers below my lieflat).

Other hints.

1. Noise cancelling headphones
2. Silicon earplugs
3. Benedryl or Ativan (safer than Ambien on a flight, IMHO, as they only have about a 4/6 hour half life with no wacky side effects)
4. Music device with your favorite relaxing music
5, My eyeshades (the airline ones are too small)
6. If your flight is less than 8 hours and an overnight, have a carb heavy dinner (with lots of water) before you board...so you can get to sleep right after takeoff

Once my tummy is full, I don 1-5 + mix in a 1/2 a flute of champaigne...and bye bye...
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Old Dec 16, 18, 9:59 pm
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I do a lot of long haul travel for work, nearly always in J (but sometimes F). My go-to outfit is a pair of merino wool leggings (lightweight or midweight, depending on the current temperatures) with a lightweight merino tool tunic and cardigan on top. Black or dark grey. Knee high boots most of the time, and I'll toss on a scarf for some flair. It's super comfortable (almost like pajamas!), the natural fibers breathe, very easy to sleep in. Once airborne and at cruising altitude, the boots get removed and replaced with a pair of washable slippers - I think they're neoprene? Also comfortable and gives me some barrier between my feet/socks and the bathroom floor. Towards the end of the flight, the slippers get removed and tucked in a plastic baggie until I can wash them.

I also will usually change out of my underwire bra into something like a camisole with stretchy support. I'm pretty busty so it's not the most flattering look, but it's a lot more comfortable for sleeping!

I also like to bring a panty liner or 2 when traveling longhair. When I don't have time to shower and change clothes before connecting, changing a panty liner helps me feel a bit fresher. (Sorry if this is TMI). I also like the travel packs of makeup removing face wipes. Nice to freshen up a bit and I've also used them to clean seat arms that felt a bit sticky.
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Old Dec 17, 18, 10:12 am

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Very sorry for your loss.

I personally wear yoga pants and a comfy shirt. I will often take off my bra in the bathroom. Warm socks!

I don't give a rat's a-- about fashion
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Old Dec 19, 18, 12:06 pm
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Sorry for your loss, Gungadin.

My travel outfit generally consists of leggings or tights with a slip, wrap dress, jacket, and oversized scarf. Wrap dresses are easy to take off/put on, and you can throw the jacket or scarf on for trips to the bathroom, etc.
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Old Dec 20, 18, 9:37 am
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So sorry for your loss. I usually don't wear leggings in public, but will wear leggings or yoga pants on long-haul flights, whether overnight or not. I pair them with a long t-shirt or a t-shirt dress, and depending on time of year, take a jacket or cardigan in case I'm cold.
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Old Dec 22, 18, 7:01 pm
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I like the sweatpants and joggers from Lou and Grey (sold at Loft or their own website) for longer flights since the waistband is so comfy. They are decent looking paired with a comfy bra, t-shirt, and wrap or long sweater.
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Old Dec 24, 18, 2:48 pm
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I'm so sorry for your loss.

I've tried changing into flannel PJ pants, but it's always awkward timing changing back into regular clothes. Now I usually pair leggings with a tunic top or a t-shirt dress. I usually wear a Coobie-type bra. For hot and humid origins or destinations, I add the leggings once the plane has reached altitude.
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Old Dec 26, 18, 9:45 pm
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I wear leggings under wider leg pants (merino for cold, wicking synthetic for hot weather), a pull-on nylon knit bra, tunic length t-shirt, merino cardi and pashmina. In my handbag I carry a ziplock with a second top, underwire bra and knickers. On plane, overpants removed and in bag. Take off cardi and scarf according to temperature, or for sleep. Replace shoes with thin plastic sole scuffs that travel in the outside pocket of roll on in their own ziplock for toilet trips (also use in lounge showers).

Before landing a loo trip for a quick APC (armpits & crotch) wash, fresh knickers, bra and top, outer pants on and the used gear into the ziplock, and into the rollie. Lets me exit the airport in minimum time ready for the day ahead.
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