TSA security question

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TSA security question

Have not flown for 12 years, and understand that TSA security became even more aggressive since March, 2017. I am flying next June and want to avoid a pat down. Will a maxi-pad alarm on the "Gumby" image? Will Dr. Scholl-style toe protecters (corn pads etc.) alarm? I would appreciate any advice or recent experience you all could share.
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I travel a lot, and I think it's hard to predict exactly what will "alarm" the body scanner. Part of it depends on who is looking at the image and part of it depends on how you happen to stand. For example, I always wear skirts -- last time I went through a week or so ago, I "alarmed" the scanner on my right ankle only. Why? Apparently, a gust of wind from the overactive airport air conditioner blew my skirt a certain way that caused the TSA agent to not like what they saw on the image. The pat down really isn't that bad -- just a part of the price we pay today to travel by air -- just dress as simply and comfortably as you can and know that it will be over soon.
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I, too, prefer to travel in a skirt--but several TSA agents have said they tend to set scanner off more due to they keep moving when we don't I have started to wear pants or leggings more and I do believe they are correct.
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