Travel after breast reduction?

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Travel after breast reduction?

I am scheduled to have one on July 15. I have an appointment with the surgeon next week to go over everything and I will ask then about when flying will be appropriate, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this. My main concern is not really the flying itself, but dealing with a bag. I'm guessing any kind of significant carry on is out, because without some kind of obvious injury, I feel like it's going to be very awkward asking for help putting something into an overhead bin. Fortunately I have Pre Check so I won't have to be declining to raise my arms in security.
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Ask your surgeon about the timeline in terms of lifting.

Otherwise, I am sure some nice person will help put your carryon up. I would do it for anyone who asked nicely.

You could also just decIde to check you bags for the period of time necessary.

I doubt you would be precluded from flying for more than a few days.
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I had one in 1992 but didn't fly for a couple months. Raising your arms up for a couple weeks will be off limits and heavy lifting not recommended for a while. But your doctor, the specifics of your surgery, and your body & recovery will tell you how to proceed. Good luck! One of the best decisions I ever made!
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Travel after breast reduction?

You will probably feel well enough to travel, but the bag toting and arm lifting restrictions will definitely slow you and your recovery down tremendously.

If you can get someone to carry/pull your bag the whole time and keep yourself to the 5 lb. weight restriction you might be able to do it.

Between the side swelling, the wound care (still taping at 2 weeks), the potential for picking up something random that is way too heavy by mistake, the lack of comfortable surroundings, I would delay if possible.
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Well everything went pretty ok yesterday. My flight left LAS so early that there was no one at the Premier check in. I asked the guy if he wouldn't mind lifting my bag onto the scale for me because I had just had surgery and he was very nice about it. Other than that, I kept my carry on bag pretty light and had a bulkhead seat so it was really easy to get in and out of. I had a friend pick me up so I didnt have to deal with my bag any further. I was a little sore sitting from LAX-PIT, but nothing I couldnt deal with. I'm 4 weeks out so I would agree with my doctor's recommendation for a 4 week wait if you've had an easy recovery like I have.
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Glad to hear it went/is going well.

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