Airport Bar Etiquette

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Airport Bar Etiquette

So my flight's delayed 2 hours and I;ve admittedly had a martini and tow glasses of Pinot Grigio, but for any ladies among us who enjoy a pre-flight tipple, how do you avoid unwanted bores and conversation at the bar? Usually I go tfor the corner seat, but it was taken. I just sat next to some clown who couldn't stop talking about his boss and salesman job. I tried to ward him off with a fake phone call, but i can't make up that much dialogue and when I started a crossword puzzle, he tried to make it a team effort. Whats everyone's best tactics? I knew should I have paid for club status on my credit card!
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I'm a reader. I have my kindle out as soon as I've decided what local draft beer looks good. Or "work" on my laptop?

I'm not an "engager" (my husband would say I can be a b!tch) I try to be polite as needed, but in a bar situation as you mention - there's "polite" and then there's "polite".

As Ann Landers would say - no one can take advantage of you without your permission.

I'm not saying you need to say "leave me the f alone" (as I once did in college) but saying "I need to get this done" or something like that....and then doing not the end of the world.
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KIndle's a great idea! - now I'm on my iPad -- and third glass of Pinot grigio thanks to Mike thef friendly bartender. Wasn't feeling uncomfortable by sales reject and Im too polite for the leave me alone approach. Just sad waste of a nice giggly buzz. On the bright side, last 20 minutes went quicker as cute guy with real job sat down. Knew answer to 4 down was "Cadillac" and his white shirt matches mine. An improvement. Anyways, boarding soon co closing it out. Offto gate - hope I get a fun seat mate, but will probably sleep since have a window. Safe travels everyone!
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Happy it worked out, hope the flight goes well!

I have generally found that catching a chivalrous-looking gent's eye "letting them know to bother me" discreetly does the trick. Most of the time they come over, sit next to me and strike up a friendly enough conversation to break off the other one. In the rare event they don't, they probably assume I'm hitting on them and it's not like I'll ever be seeing them again - so who cares if they think I'm an odd bird? Sometimes they think I'm hitting on them, but a "thank you so much, you are a lifesaver" when the other gent saunters off clears things right up and still gives me a fun companion for a bit.

I've spent quite a bit of time at bars alone while traveling and some variation of that always works whether I am eating, drinking, in an airport, at a hotel, or at a restaurant. If only there was a way for it to work on a plane!
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My sister carries a Daytimer(does anyone really carry Daytimers anymore). She took Liquid Paper(does anyone buy Liquid Paper anymore) and drew a large cross on the back of the black Daytimer. When an unwelcomed seat mate wanted to talk, she would show the cross side up on her lap, shutting the person up as they thought she might be a Bible thumper.
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