Abu Dhabi/Dubai during Ramadan

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Question Abu Dhabi/Dubai during Ramadan

We will be having a 3 day stopover in UAE during Ramadan in July. I am travelling with my husband and 9 year old daughter. We are staying in Dubai, but hope to visit Abu Dhabi as well.

Has anyone done this? I am interested to see what my daughter and I will need to wear, as well as concerned about whether we will be able to drink and eat in public.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You can wear whatever you like as long as it isn't to revealing. No need to cover your hair or head in the UAE.

As for eating, all restaurants including food courts will be closed during daylight hours. Many hotel restaurants (and bars) remain open for guests, What they do is put up a barrier if the restaurant can be seen from the street.
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Don't plan on anyone eating or drinking in public.
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Dubai is very accomodating during Ramadan for non-muslims if you stay within the expatriate & tourist areas. Hotels and major shopping malls have food courts operating at normal hours and most offer reduced menus during the day. There may be screens around the sitting/eating area, or a few more potted plants but for the most part tourists and expats can eat and drink (non-alcoholic please!) as normal. Of course, out of respect for those observing Ramadan, don't do takeout, eat something extremely smelly or messy or walk around with your coffee. You'll find that the malls and food outlets get extremely crowded after sundown when the observant break fast.

For clothing, no bare arms, extremely fitted tees or mini-skirts. If in doubt, just bring a thin cardigan or a shirt a la Martha Stewart to pull over whatever you usually wear.
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On the other hand, Abu Dhabi is not so accomodating during Ramadan. My mum works for Etihad and she said last year during Ramadan that everything was closed in the day, if she wanted even a sip of water she had to go to the toilet cubicle or canteen to have a drink. Apparently if you are even seen drinking water in your car by the police you will get pulled over.

I have found that Dubai is a lot more forgiving towards tourists in terms of clothing, compared to Abu Dhabi, but generally just keep cleavage/shoulders covered and no tiny shorts or skirts and you should be ok!

Saying that, I've seen alot of girls walking around the malls etc with strapless or revealing clothes on, and no one has said anything to them.

Don't let it put you off though! Dubai really is a lovely place!
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Eh, when I was in the malls (in Dubai, not Abu Dhabi), I really preferred to keep my shoulders covered. It's the "normal" look for women, so I just preferred to fit in. The "dress code" in the mall says keep knees & shoulders covered...maxi dresses for me! Plus they have tons of pretty pashminas there, if you want an inexpensive souvenir. Nobody will harp on you if you wear something skimpier (unless like as swimsuit or something), but some people may stare a bit.

But only 3 days? I'd stick with just Dubai, unless you're really not that interested in it. It's almost a 2 hour drive each way to Abu Dhabi, and it's really not very accommodating during Ramadan. There are a ton of things to do in Dubai anyway.
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