Beauty Tips Before/After Flight?

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Beauty Tips Before/After Flight?

Yes, this is a ridiculous question. I guess it's because I'm used to getting my face a little more refreshed before I get down to Australia and visit my friends, family and checking out the hot guys. :P
Bad idea to get a facial (this includes extractions) before a flight? I know the skin has to be hydrated... but I have swim practice on Monday nights... :/
Also, how do you looked refreshed off the plane? I don't want to look tired or blotchy since I can't see off my flight (my Ortho-K lenses are not really the best thing to use during a 14 hour flight... and it messes up the timing when I have to put them on in Australia) I'm not really a girly girl. (I don't know how to curl my eyelashes, braid my hair, file my nails, etc.) Just not having a good face week. (WOO!!! FINALS!)
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I think the women's travel forum is where this thread should go.

co mod CommunityBuzz forum
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I wouldn't get a facial within a couple days of flying. In my experience, I may have some breakouts within a day or two after a facial.

My tips for long distance (overnight) flights:
1. Don't be a diva. Forego makeup on the day you're boarding your flight. If you can't swear off makeup entirely, go for something light--such as a BB cream--or just an eyeliner.
2. Moisturize, inside and out! Drink a lot of water and use a heavier than normal moisturizer while on the flight. Reapply as necessary.
3. Cleanse your face before disembarking (or once you land). I find that plane travel makes my skin simultaneously dry and oily.
4. When moisturizing, don't forget eye cream and lip balm.

There are a few products that are consider "miracle" products when used infrequently. Check out Clarins Beauty Flash Balm or Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret. I also like Origins GinZing eye cream.
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I definitely suffer from simultaneously oily and dry skin, especially in the T-zone.

My travel staples are: 1) Aveda hydrating mask (aloe based) 2) Borghese Fango mud 3) a small face towel and 4) a small tub of vaseline or L'occitane body cream 5) Deep cleanser

On the plane, I apply the L'Occitane cream to my face and hands for the flight. For extra bad areas I add a dab of the vaseline. Mid way through the flight or an hour or so before landing, if I am unable to wash my face in the lav, I ask for a cup of hot water that I then soak the towel in. I then wring the towel out and put the warm towel over my face to help hydrate it.

As soon as I check in, I wash my face with cleanser and then apply the Aveda mask if I have time to hang around the room for a bit. Then that get wiped off and I apply the moisturizer. At night before bed, I use the mud-mask before my usual bedtime moisturizer. I find that this method definitely helps with breakouts in my t-zone.
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I perform a variation of Lisa Eldridge's beauty regime on long haul flights. I bring a clear make-up bag filled with mini skincare samples, usually Clarins, on flights with me. Here is Lisa's video of the beauty regime.

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+1 Hydrating and moisturizing.

And sleeping helps so I pack ear plugs and an eye mask whenever I think I might be able to nap. For long haul, a shower during a layover or on arrival makes me feel a lot better and helps my skin feel better, too.

If you've been eating junk food while prepping for finals, be sure to drink more water and sleep as much as you can. And don't go partying before the flight or do anything that would compromise your already stressed out body. It makes your immune system weaker and there's a lot of germs/sick people in the air with you. Hard to see friends, family, or good looking strangers if you're sick.
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I use a hydrating mask before and after the flight.
During the flight, drink up (I have a strict no-alcohol rule during flight, just water) and I also use Laneige's water sleeping pack (best leave-on moisturizing mask ever!) for the duration of the flight.
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Most of my flights are 10+ hours, so these are the measurements that I take

Before: stay hydrated and eat healthy for the last few days before the flight. Avoid alcohol if possible. Apply a good moisturizer (I swear by decleor's products, and I usually apply the hydra floral night cream before a flight)

During: personally I've found that avoiding carbonated drinks adds to my overall comfort during the flight. I make sure to stay hydrated, so I always grab a glass of water or juice when the cabin crew offer it, and I always bring at least one bottle of water/juice/lemonade.
I don't wear makeup during the flight, so I can apply moisturizer or face mist without making a mess. I usually use the night cream mentioned above, or the hydra floral moisturizing mask, and I usually apply it a few times over the course of the flight. 3-4 hours before landing I put on a face mask sheet. The ones I currently use are from skinfoods (a Korean brand) to freshen up.

After: I go to the airport bathroom to freshen up. I use blotting paper to get off some of the sheen from all the heavy moisturizers, apply eyeliner and brush my hair and teeth.
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I don't wear make up on the flight. I use Dessert Essences moisturizer (wont give you pimples and doesn't have silicones, parabens benzenes alcohols etc that will dry out and irritate your skin). A few travel tissues soaked with witch hazel in a zip lock bag is a great, non drying facial cleanser and diminishes the pores. If I have to look good when I arrive, I use 100% pure powder . It is all natural fruit pigments so it does not dry your skin or make you break out. One small eyeliner if I am really trying to impress. And perhaps some transluscent mineral veil. That is also a natural sunblock. If I don't get any sleep there is not much else that will work anyway.
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I always take an Evian face spray. Very refreshing on the plane, the follow by regular moisturiser.
Also kerastase Elixir ultime for the hair keeps it smooth.

Definitely no makeup during flight.
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Bad idea to get a facial (this includes extractions) before a flight?
Yeah, probably bad idea to stress out your skin before a flight.

I concur with everyone on the hydration front. I would also recommend getting some sort of hand sanitizer if you're the type that touches your face a lot. I always end up touching my face all the time, which causes skin irritation and the odd in-flight pimple formation. So hand sanitation can help prevent that.

I love the Evian spray mentioned above too. It's pretty affordable and is seriously refreshing. I also love Caudalie's Beauty Elixir, but it's much more expensive ($49). I got it as a gift, so I've been rationing it.

Also, I would suggest a spray on dry oil. It moisturizes without you having to touch your face.
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In addition to all the hydrating as above, eyedrops, as often as you like during the flight and on landing. Not the 'get the red out' ones, just purely lubricating drops. Makes the whites whiter and you don't look tired and haggard, even if you feel it.
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Has anyone suggested that you hydrate and moisturize? On a long flight, I remove make-up while they are making up the bed. When I return to my seat, I apply a paper mask (I love Shiseido's), and allow it to do its thing for 15 minutes or so, while having a cup of herbal tea. After I remove the mask, I apply eye cream, a heavy facial cream, and hand lotion, as well as a lip balm.

I drink lots of herbal tea and water. After re-applying facial creams, I keep make-up to a minimum in the morning -- BB cream, a bit of under-eye concealer, mascara, and cream blush, followed by lip gloss.

On all flights, water and herbal tea are my friends.
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L'Occitane Verbena Refreshing Towelettes (Nordstrom) were handy not just for wiping my hands and face with a lovely citrusy scent, but saved me when my seatmate kept passing horrible smelly gas on long flight from NYC to London. I placed the towelette lightly over my face and nose and it got me through the flight.
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I'd definitely recommend eye drops that you can use with your lenses - I can't stand having dry, itchy eyes on a plane!

I always make sure I buy a couple of bottles of water (e.g. 2 x 1L bottles) for my flight, especially when travelling in economy as some airlines are a bit tight and give you a tiny cup of water! If you're flying business/first, you should be ok as they will give you bottles whenever you ask.

If your flight is in the day and you will be sitting near the window, use SPF or a moisuriser that has it in - the sun is really strong at those altitudes!

Use a hydrating face 'mist' - clinique moisture surge, aromatherapy associates etc all have ones that have herbal/floral waters in to help you relax.

I'd suggest taking a tinted moisturiser/BB cream/concealer stick and maybe some mascara and cream blush so you can apply that before you land if you are going straight out after landing.

Enjoy your trip!
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