Cosmetic procedures in China

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Cosmetic procedures in China

Please be advised I am not talking plastic surgery. I wondered if anyone knows specifics about things like peels and botox in mainland China or Hong Kong. Facials are great, but dermatology and/or medical cosmetology can be a bit more. I know these kind of things are easy to find in Thailand as hospitals there have websites in English.

Ditto type of question for dental like cleaning.

Thank you.
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Dental in HK is generally insanely expensive. The cost varies greatly from area to area. In general, the more "local" the area (i.e. less people who speak fluent English) the less dental services cost. Most places a tourist would go to would be the expensive ones.

Right across the HK-Shenzhen border, is a place called Lo Wu City Shopping Centre and there is a dental place there (hot pink and white decor) that has been advertising in HK for a number of years. I have no personal experience with this place, nor does anyone I know personally. Their advert claims that they comply with Int'l Health standards [whatever "Int'l" means - Congo or Boston?]

As for cosmetic surgery, there is to date, I think, only 1 or 2 American Society of Plastic Surgeons/American Board of Plastic Surgery certified surgeons in HK. The one I know of is famous for breast implants and does work on models and starlets. There are many other surgeons in HK but I don't think there is a specific registry/board for plastic/cosmetic surgery so buyer beware. The most common type of cosmetic surgery done in HK is eyelid surgery and freckle & mole removal.

As for facial peels and semi-medical procedures, this is a big grey area in HK. There are numerous real Doctors that buy machines and equipment that need to be paid off. However the doctor many not be the one performing your treatment. Beauty salons and facial parlours also buy these machines and there is minimal training on their use so again, buyer beware.

Many socialites I know of, fly over to the US and Europe for their medical and semi-medical cosmetic procedures.

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Super info. thanks
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