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Kagehitokiri Jan 3, 11 11:45 pm

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Originally Posted by vuittonsofstyle (Post 13789425)
Best chemical-free worldwide are as follows, in no particular order:-

SODASHI - - based in Perth, Australia. They have their own factory which makes the products to order.

The Organic Pharmacy - - based in UK. Good spa range. Also produce shampoo, conditioner etc. Also have a very good makeup range.

Dr Hauschka - founded in 1967 in Germany yet still a great chemical-free brand. Available world-wide.

ILA-SPA - - based in Oxfordshire, UK. Emphasis is on the energetic effect of their products.

KuuSh - - based in Australia. They have their own manufacturing which hand-makes all products. They do not use any water in the products. Halal certified.

Living Nature - - based in New Zealand. Not geared to spa treatments - mainly a retail brand. Best aspect of this company is its Makeup range.

Suki Pure - - based in USA, but also sold in UK and Europe. The most pure you will find in the States.

There are a few others, like Just Pure from Munich, Germany, which is not at all bad. Not too many, though!

emma69 Jan 5, 11 11:06 am

What a weird way to phrase it "chemical free". Everything listed on those websites ingredients lists are 'chemicals' - water is a chemical, vitamin c is a chemical, Glyceryl Stearate is a chemical - they are all natually occuring, but are still chemicals.

The fact something is natural does not mean it is safe either - the worst 'chemical' burn I have ever experienced was when I was accidently exposed to neat lemon essential oil - completely natural and organic, it really blooming hurt!

MikeFromTokyo Jan 6, 11 3:56 am

Two very good brands that make mild, healthy hair care products are Aesop and Jurlique. Both brands are from australia, and use high quality and mostly "natural" ingredients.

As mentioned in the above list Dr. Huaschka is also a good brand.

I can especially endorse Aesop, as I have been using it for years and love the stuff.

sylvia hennesy Jan 6, 11 8:09 am

Hair is dead.

emma69 Jan 6, 11 9:08 am

So is my coffee table. But you will still harm it if you put a beer bottle down on it without a mat!

Analise Jan 6, 11 10:19 am

Originally Posted by sylvia hennesy (Post 15595531)
Hair is dead.

Is it completely? Hair is both alive and dead.

l etoile Jan 21, 11 10:21 pm

Originally Posted by sylvia hennesy (Post 15595531)
Hair is dead.

Part of the issue is that the skin under the hair (scalp) is not and so exposure to carcinogen (formaldehyde) can lead to cancer. Health Canada has banned the keratin treatments because of this.

The other issue is if you just paid a fortune for products to be applied to your 'dead' hair, it's kind of nice to not be using shampoos and conditioners ghat are rapidly stripping those products off.

lalala Jan 22, 11 2:34 pm

I pretty much stopped using hotel shampoo except for bliss. I take home the shampoo if I love it and use it as body wash (Blaise Mautin, for example). I usually carry a travel size of my kiehl's shampoo.

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