Washing Clothes


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Washing Clothes

I'm one of the carry-on only people. I have a rubber travel clothesline and a sink stopper I bring with me, neither of which takes up any room at all. I usually bring one Woolite packet for each day of my trip. I'm very good about soaking whatever I wore that day in some Woolite at the end of the day and then hanging it to dry overnight so I never run out of clean clothes. I also use the hotel drycleaning when needed. However, some hotels have washing machines, which is really nice... I usually try to find this out in advance if its a long trip. Detergent, though, can be iffy.... you never know what will be available... it could be very harsh or it could be nice and they're charging some unreasonable amount for it. I found these Purex detergent/dryer sheets in Walgreens before my last trip, though, and picked them up, thinking they could be good.. they're solid, not liquid, and not even messy powder or anything! They fit nicely without folding into a quart size ziplock bag, too. We brought them along for a trip to Europe after doing a test run on a load at home and they work beautifully. These are great for travel if you plan to wash clothes in a washing machine while you're away.


Just thought I'd share.

P.S. I also like to carry a 3 ounce bottle of Febreeze along. If I'm sink washing, its nice to have a backup if you don't think things are washing out freshly enough for you. Just sink wash and sniff... if you're not pleased, spray with Febreeze, let dry, sink wash again... and perfect.
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Thanks! Was looking for something like this as contemplating throwing some white powdered detergent in a bottle/baggie looks funny to me. Never mind the TSA. Could you cut the sheets into smaller pieces and use it for hand washing?

I'm going to saturate some small paper towels in febreeze to make my own "wet wipes". So far TSA hasn't commented on my wet naps as a dry item.
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i have no compunction about carrying powdered detergent on longer trips. Its never been an issue. And I always have at least a couple dryer sheets in my suitcase too.

I also carry a TSA friendly sized bottle with febreeze in it.
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I really like those Purex sheets. I use them at home for almost everything and am happy not to have to carry any more heavy bottles or boxes home just to do laundry.

Less plastic to throw away as well.
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I'm guessing the Purex doesn't work so well for sink washing? I tried (and liked) them a little while ago but feel like the heat and agitation of the washer was what would get the soap out of the cloth thing, so it might not do anything if you put it in the sink. If it does work, that could be a perfect option!

I've also seen laundry soap sheets around somewhere, although I've never tried them. Might get some and try for sink washing.

I guess my standards are low, since I tend to just use hotel shampoo on my ex officio underwear and that seems ok to me.
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I like the Purex sheets too, though I am skeptical of them for hand washing. I do suggest cutting them in half, as they actually contain too much detergent for most washing machine loads.

What I use for hand washing is Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap - the hippie stuff from health food stores. I dilute it to use as shampoo also. I'm not, however, brave enough to use it as toothpaste, despite the label suggestion. It's very effective and has the bonus of providing extra reading material if I get bored.
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I'll have to try the Purex sheets when I stay at a hotel with washing machines. For my fine washables, however, I'll continue to use Forever New. It was recommended by Nordstrom's lingerie department for clothes with lycra in them. I get Forever New in 1/3 oz (10 g) packets from Going In Style (goinginstyle.com). The small, one load packets overcome the messiness factor of powder.

BTW, Going In Style still has some Travelpro Platinum 5. They're on closeout.

I, too, love reading the Dr. Bronner's labels. I washed my hair with it once, and it left a residue that weighed my hair down and made it limp. Ever since then, I haven't used it on my hair or as a body wash. But I like the labels.
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Originally Posted by try2cook View Post
BTW, Going In Style still has some Travelpro Platinum 5. They're on closeout.

Ohhh.... The dilemma you bring up. There's a Going In Style shop not too far away. And they have the 19" as well as 22"! Is the 22" really just 22 inches or does it not count the wheels.
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I went to Going In Style yesterday to get more Forever New packets. There is no more Travelpro Platinum 5 at the store. The owner, Marilyn, doubted they had any left in the warehouse. She said they would have to drop ship Travelpro Platinum 5 from the maker. It sounds like they are no longer a source for Platinum 5. I suggested she update the website to reflect that. I also suggested she read flyertalk for ideas on stuff to carry.
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Thanks for asking and letting me know! Saves me a trip and some cash on travel gadgets. Such a fun store already...

There's a $1 off coupon for purex sheets on their website, if you can get it to print. I couldn't but bought the sheets anyhow.
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The Purex sheets are very handy. I have not tried them for handwashing. I have little packets of woolite I take or in a pinch, I will use the hotel shampoo.
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I bring a large ziplock bag for washing - with a small ziplock full of powdered detergent. Put a small amount of washing powder in large bag, half-fill with warm water and squeeze to dissolve. Add clothes, squeeze out air and zip closed and squeeze and shake to wash. Pour off soapy water, fill with clean, and agitate to rinse. Repeat until no suds remain.

Blow-up hangers are spectacular at ensuring tops dry in minimum time. I will also throw in a light folding clip-type skirt/slacks hanger if I am going to be away for more than a week - for drying bottoms. I do that day's washing as I prepare for bed most nights.
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I pack low-sudsing laundry powder in a ziplock bag and wash things out nightly. I use only a little powder but I always rinse very well. For a pre-wash on stubborn stains I bring a tube of liquid detergent, but hotel shampoo works, too. A flat sink stopper is handy but I don't always bring the braided rubber clothesline, since washing on a nightly basis means there's not much to hang up. Rolling wet laundry in an extra towel speeds drying significantly. If necessary the hairdryer finishes the garment in the morning.

I just bought a travel steamer, since I love to wear linen, but I won't know if there's room in my rolly until I pack on Wednesday. Time to get new inflatable hangers, since the old ones seem to have disappeared. If you smooth the garment well when you hang it there will be remarkably few wrinkles. The shoulders of a linen blouse dried on an inflatable hanger look like they've been ironed.

I like OzBarb's ziplock washing machine!
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Forever New the cold water dry soap has my vote! I prefer to fill a plastic pill bottle with it. I can use the cap for measuring out the soap and the bottle sits dry on the counter. --
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My favourites are Génie Sans Frotter Gel Express à la Main (liquid hand wash which has a mild scent and rinses well) and for spots/stains/heavier hand wash Basin's Dr Spot bar.

Unfortunately I am currently out of supply of both and having to make do with other products until I can stock up again. I cannot find a similar Colgate/Palmolive product in countries other than France/Germany/Switzerland strangely enough. If anyone knows of one, please do share.
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