What's going on?

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What's going on?

What are the benefits of the Wings Alliance? Is it even an alliance yet or simply proposed?
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So far it has been proposed and kind of sort of promoted by NW / KL. Essentially it is supposed to build on the NW/CO/KL/HP/AZ alliances. However recently Co and KL have had a disagreement over codeshare and revenue sharing on transatlantic flights. This has delayed further advances in the alliance. So for now things are on hold.
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I just read that the delay has a lot more to do with the DOJ lawsuit against NW/CO
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I missed the news report on the DOJ lawsuit against CO/NW you mentioned. Do you have a link I can go to?

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JM, it's not a new lawsuit, it's the government's challenge to the NW ownership stake in CO due to antitrust concerns.
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Wings is dying a SLOW death, it seems! http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/frown.gif
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Sorry doc, I do not concur with your reasoning. To state "....Wings is dying a SLOW death..." implies it once had a real life. IMHO it never had a life......just a gleam in some nice PR guy's eye.
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And now AZ is talking with both SwissAir & AF.
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There is no Wings; there hasn't been any Wings; and there is not likely to be any Wings. That's a disappointment to some of us Northwesters, but the reality is Wings shouldn't even be an ongoing forum of its own here. It's had its chance.
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Maybe the name Wings is not formally publicized and branded, but if you look at the alliance that NW/CO/KL has forged, along with all the other partners they share, Wings is in its own right in existence (just without the name).

IMHO, the NW/KL/CO FFP reciprocation is perhaps the best of any alliance in the world, especially NW/KL. In Europe/Africa/MidEast it's under the KLM Flying Dutchman brand while in Asia/NorthAmerica it's under the NW WorldPerks name, with full mileage earning capability.
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There is is fact a flight / airline indicator of WG which is intended to be used in the future.

I believe that KLM Cityhopper make use of the WG code on one flight a week in order to "keep it alive / in use".
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