America West to join 'Wings'?

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America West to join 'Wings'?

It looks as though America West is moving closer and closer to all of the proposed Wings alliance carriers. Here is my reasoning:

1) Continental Airlines already owns a portion of America West and does heavy code sharing with them, as well as reciprical Freq. Flyer benefits and club lounge access.

2) NorthWest just announced that America West Club members can access their clubs as well. see: . They also have frequent flyer earnings opportunity with NorthWest. And, NW owns some of CO, which in turns owns some of AW.

3) America West also codeshares with EVA Airlines, same as Continental.

The only thing that doesn't fit in is America West and their alliance with British Airways (member of OneWorld).

Anybody else have any thoughts?

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I had given that some thought recently as well and think Wings would be a monster on the domestic front.

One thing that is telling is how CO acted when UA tried to purchase AW. They stepped in and acted if someone tried to take their kid brother. They were very protective of their right of first refusal for the airline. Its addition would give Wings the westcoast presence it would lack with only CO & NW.
The inline agreements for things such as baggage and the like are already there and I think if AWA is to join Wings, BA will be replaced by KLM/Alitalia as the european carrier.

That leads me to think about Alaska as well now that both NW and CO have FF and codeshares agreements with them. But this one is a little more difficult as ALK has shown to be very independent in its relationships. AA, BA, CA, CO, KLM, NW, QA, and TWA. They are partnered with three Oneworld and three Wings partners so ALK may like where they are sitting.


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You make a good point BSl. In a lot of ways it is much more sensible for a small airline to be partnered (casually) with a lot of large airlines rtaher than tightly with a few. British Midland do a similar thing, connecting intercontinental travellers with UK and Western European flights. Of course, if CO as a major shareholder don't see it that way...
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