Does Westjet Lie to Customers?

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Unhappy Does Westjet Lie to Customers?

Good day, fellow travellers. I have an interesting flight cancelled story and I'm looking for a bit of information.

My cancelled flight was WS1770, 0910Hrs YVR-PHX, April 3, 2024 and was rebooked on WS1772, 2130Hrs YVR-PHX, April 3, 2024. Flight was cancelled due to "unplanned aircraft maintenance and was required for safety purposes."

The aircraft was a 737-800 with 174-189 seats. Most people from WS1770 were booked onto the WS1772 flight. That flight was a 737-800; it had only 51 passengers onboard! Passengers from two scheduled flights moved onto one flight and the plane was only 28% full.

So what are the implications? Westjet lied about the "unplanned aircraft maintenance" to avoid sending a nearly empty plane to PHX costing them too much money. Has anyone heard of an airline lying about the cause of a cancellation? My approach to this will be to ask the airline to prove there was a mechanical issue. I want to see a copy of the tech log from the aircraft and copies of all associated repair logs on the day in question. Your thoughts please...
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There's no way WestJet is going to share the journey log with you.

They may provide it to the CTA and certainly with TC, little to no chance with passengers however....
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Perhaps other guests who wouldnt be able to, or not wish to, go at such a late hour, were reaccomodated on a connecting flight through another city such as YYC or YEG earlier in the day?
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OP, with this being your first post, welcome to FT.

WS does lie to customers about reasons for delays and cancellations in order to avoid paying compensation. In the past 18 months, I have been lied to by WS as well as AC, BA, AF, and LX. Compensation is expensive, while the lies themselves are free, and the customer service people who peddle them aren't very expensive and don't have to spend very long telling you your flight was cancelled for [reason not eligible for compensation] rather than [reason eligible for compensation]. In other words, if they pay someone $25 an hour to take 5 minutes to reply to your e-mail, it costs them barely $2 to tell you to go away, while you might be seeking hundreds or thousands of dollars of compensation. Since most people probably don't pursue it farther, or even if they send another e-mail that gets denied, it's likely a very good return on investment.

Unless and until the regulations allow for consequences to the airlines, e.g. they have to pay you triple if they're found to have misled you and incorrectly denied your claim, they'll continue to do it.

And in some cases, they don't even have to be fully lying. The aircraft scheduled to operate your flight may not have had unplanned maintenance issues, but another aircraft might have, and they might have reassigned "your" aircraft to operate that other flight. Or there could be a lack of crew because they timed out due to weather on an earlier flight. Is that crew scheduling (controllable) or weather? It could be some of both, and even if it's more the former, e.g. the crew's pairing had zero tolerance for delay on the previous leg, the airline will always blame the reason that's not covered for compensation purposes.
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I tried that myself, but it was a no go. WJ agent said no flights available and refused an alternate airline!
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100% do they lie.
I was 1 of 12-15 pax who had luggage offloaded a YYC-YVR flight that was only discovered at an empty baggage belt. Baggage Services girl told me my bag was already on the next incoming flight.

Oh no it wasnt. A more senior member told me 2 hours later colleague #1 couldn’t possibly have stated that as WJ’s baggage system is so bad they don’t know the whereabouts of delayed luggage until it actually lands. I landed at 2pm, the bag was supposed to land (allegedly) at 3.40… and it actually arrived at 11pm when I was already internationally eastbound.

fast forward 20 months and they continue to ignore and stonewall my complaint demanding answers.

Their customer relations and baggage services teams have as much integrity as a Ryanair front page seat prices…? Would never touch them with a barge pole and considering small claims legal action,
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If the flight was canceled for reasons within WS control they were legally required to rebook on their next flight or any airline which they have a commercial agreement with. If they can't get you out within nine hours they are required to book within on any airline. Management knows this but they know they can get away with it.

What needs to happen is for the CTA to a quasi law enforcement agency instead of what they are now.

Change the laws so that CTA enforcement officers can be located in major airports and deal with rogue agents on the spot. I'm pretty sure if CTA officers had the power to hit employees on the spot with $ 25000 fines as the law allows not one airline employee would refuse to rebook passengers on any airline knowing the potential consequences.
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Whenever I see a question like Does [insert airline of your choice here] lie to you? Im reminded of my father in laws frequent response to such questions: Is the Pope Catholic?
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