Booking Hawaii in December

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Booking Hawaii in December

I have just enough in my travel bank and in WJ$ to book tickets to Hawaii this winter for a friend and I. She's in YEG and I'm in YVR, and I really wanted to use one of my companion vouchers. Unfortunately, I can't do that because we could only do a companion fare for the common leg from YVR. And then she'd have to pay for another flight separately YEG-YVR, which would collectively end up costing over $200 more. Am I missing any other advantages of booking us as companions, vs just booking two separate reservations?

Also, if we book before the end of May, and it's still not safe to travel outside of Canada by December, are there really no cancel or change fees? If I decide to cancel, the WJ$ and travel bank will go back into my account with the same expiry date as it has now, correct?

My friend is reluctant to book this early, but I keep telling her we have nothing to lose! We pay no money up front - the travel bank and the WJ$ are just sitting there anyway - unused! She thinks prices may go down. But if they do, with no fee changes, couldn't we just cancel and rebook at the lower fare? I'm trying to instill more confidence in booking early! But I suspect the unknown is preventing a lot of people from doing any planning...
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The obvious difference is that she would be paying a full fare from YEG to Hawaii instead of getting the discounted fare with your voucher from YVR. There wasn't any mention on your part of your status, but she would be missing out on at least one free checked bag if you are talking about an RBC companion voucher or 2-3 free bags if you are Silver to Platinum status if you were planning on booking an economy fare. If you are Silver to Platinum, she would also miss out on priority screening/boarding. Maybe free seating with seat vouchers if you have them.

You really are right that there is no disadvantage to booking now. No cancel fees, so even if fares did go down, you could cancel and rebook without penalty. Your WJ$ and travel bank would go back to your account. Once things start to open up, the prices may go up and availability will go down. Get booking!
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