Anyone Notice Skyrocketing Prices?

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The new bar is the $300 mistake fares to LGW earlier this year.

"$900 to LGW? CRAZY! It should always be $300"
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Originally Posted by Merlin666 View Post
Indeed flights to Europe have already tripled. Travel bank is worthless.
Originally Posted by mxqisit View Post
The new bar is the $300 mistake fares to LGW earlier this year.

"$900 to LGW? CRAZY! It should always be $300"
I'm looking to rebook three UK trips for two trade shows and a conference which were originally scheduled for spring, and rescheduled for Q4 because of the Covid-19 outbreak. Flights I'm seeing right now are very reasonably priced ... just over $600 RT in Econo, about $2,300 in premium and around $4,000 up front. Those prices seem to be pretty much on par with what they was before the outbreak.

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I’m looking to rebook YYZ-SJU for February 2021 and the cost is nearly double even with using a companion voucher. Despite no seats being booked in premium, they are only offering premium flex fares. It is beyond frustrating as I have a companion voucher and over $1100 in the WestJet bank to use.
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Seems to be hit & miss as friends who had to cancel their mid-Apr. Riviera Maya package with WJ Vac. are looking at late Nov. or early Dec. and the same all-inclusive resort in the same category for the same duration is about 35% higher.

Apr. and Nov. are both shoulder seasons so rates are typically similar but they're not happy that their WJ Dollars they banked when they cancelled won't cover a new escape.
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What is there that I do not see or understand?

Looking at Barbados in June or early July. Prices are sky high for Westjet and the competitors Air Canada and American for most of the dates.
We cannot even leave Canada yet. People around me are scared or worried about the virus, lost jobs etc. Airlines are in survival mode.
And yet - at least from what I see - the flights that are to operate seem to be filling up even at those prices.
How do we explain it?
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With airlines already blocking off middle seats and/or lidding flights at 50% capacity, the flights are perhaps filling up faster, thereby increasing the prices? Not sure, just my two cents.
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WestJet removed a ton of inventory in June for US/International flights with only full fare J W Y class available currently.
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Return trip to CDG that I was supposed to be on right now will be $500 higher in October and going up.
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The new normal. With the public demanding cash refunds and reduced demand for travel , there is a severe reduction in liquidity of WestJet’s finances and so I think we need to prepare that the consumer will end up swallowing this. Every action has a reaction.
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Originally Posted by Merlin666 View Post
Return trip to CDG that I was supposed to be on right now will be $500 higher in October and going up.
Therein lies the dilemma, people are already skittish about travel and you make it so expensive, the planes will continue to go out half empty.
They can keep the prices sky high and says those who are flying need to fly. And they will continue to get only those who need to fly to buy a ticket and no one else.
Not to forget business travel won't come back like it was as many companies are using virtual meetings instead of face to face. There will be a need for business travel but it won't be like what it was.
We will see but I think they will need to make the price so irresistible to bring the leisure travellers back in the air.

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