Document check YVR-YYZ-LGA

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Document check YVR-YYZ-LGA

A family friend has a YVR-YYZ-LGA ticket on Westjet booked, but is having trouble getting a US tourist Visa due to lack of interview slots (should have kicked off the process earlier, but we digress). Will she be denied boarding even for the YVR-YYZ portion? She has a valid Canadian tourist Visa so theoretically I would think she can at least board that part. I'm expecting her to be denied entry only at trans-border if she attempted to do so

In the event the US Visa application doesn't go through, the plan is to just stay in Toronto as the return flight is a one way AC YYZ-YVR a week later.

Any insights?
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WestJet will check for a passport at boarding for the first leg (since it’s an international journey) but probably not for a valid visa. A Canadian airline employee - working a domestic flight - wouldn’t qualified to determine that.

When connecting, the person will need to clear through US Customs at YYZ before going to the gate. That’s where they’ll be stopped if they’re not admissible to the US — by US Customs, not by the airline.

I’d expect they’d make it as far as Toronto with no problem, but they’ll be stopped there if they don’t have the proper visa to continue on the last leg.
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I'm just speculating, but if I had to put money on it, my bet would be that they won't even let her on the YVR-YYZ leg. She is going to have to input her passport information when she checks in (if she does it online prior to the airport). A passport requiring a US visitors visa is going to raise a red flag. And if she checks in at the airport they will almost certainly check.

Remember that Westjet sold her a ticket from Vancouver to New York, not from Vancouver to Toronto, so they are well within their rights not to let her get on that first leg.

Fingers crossed that she gets her visitor's visa in time so she doesn't have to worry!
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What type of passport will she be travelling on? Likely when she inputs her travel document info, it won't complete the check-in process and will send her to an agent. In which case, they'll deny her before even getting onto the YVRYYZ flight.
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