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Best " premium " ( Plus ) Seat 767-300 (Bulkhead?)

Best " premium " ( Plus ) Seat 767-300 (Bulkhead?)


Old Jul 7, 19, 6:49 am
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Question Best " premium " ( Plus ) Seat 767-300 (Bulkhead?)

My wife & I are flying YYZ-LGW and have decided to splurge on premium seats on the 767-300
We would really appreciate some advice on selecting the best seats.
SeatGuru tags Row 1 as yellow with warnings about bulkhead may reduce leg room, seat narrower because of tray table in armrest, proximity of washroom, and no under-seat storage.
We would love to hear some opinions from people who have actually flown in Plus on the 767.
Funny thing is that in pictures and videos I have watched it actually looks like Row 1 has more leg room than 2-4. Am I wrong that rows 2-4 also have tray tables in the armrest? Are row 1 seats really that much narrower than 2-4? (I am a bigger person, so seat width is a consideration)
I tend to like the bulkhead because I usually find it easier to get in and out of my seat, and I like having no one in front to recline. However if there is less room or any other reason that we would be better moving back a row or two, we would take that advice.
Also which is the best pair? A-C, D-F, or H-K? Is there any real difference? I usually like a window, but would sit in the center pair if there was more room.
Thanks for any help!

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Old Jul 7, 19, 8:17 pm
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Seats in all rows have the tray table in the armrest. Only difference I noted was that row 1 has no underseat storage in front. I'm not sure if there is more leg room in row 1, as you can only stretch your legs up to the bulkhead - in other rows you can stretch your legs under the seat in front of you.
Personally I prefer the center pair as both seats can access their own aisle, so no one has to climb over you to get out.

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Old Jul 13, 19, 8:31 am
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Hey there, I'd definitely recommend row 1, tho I'd say preference on which seat would be up to you, depending how much you like a window.

I sat in 2C going to LGW which was fine enough but the pax in 1C fully reclined which made it feel like I had way less space (it felt like the seats went back really far, but just my opinion). It was actually a bit of a maneuver to get out of my seat without hitting 1C. I slept part of the flight so not a huge deal in the end.

Returning I sat in 1D which I much preferred. No issues with leg room (I'm 5'10") and easy enough to have all my stuff in the bin above.

Hope that's a bit helpful. Enjoy your flight!
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Old Jul 13, 19, 10:12 am
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Thanks for the advice, much appreciated.
We booked row 1HK for both flights.
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Row 1 on the 737s is better than the other Plus rows. Nobody reclining in your mug since they are not proper J pods where reclining is not an issue and so what no room underneath, use the compartments above. You get on first so that part is easy.

I found legroom in the 737 to be plenty. Your feet can barely even reach the bulkhead. Might not be the same on 767 but I bet it is.
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