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Originally Posted by sdophoto
So it seems as if bidding before might not be the most successful- instead wait?
Unfortunately not quite as straightforward as I had initially believed.
My last flight a couple days ago, LGA-YYZ, plenty of seats open.
Plusgrade suggested bid $60, min $45 (C$, incl. tax).
Upgrade offer at checkin $41.50 (U$, plus tax).

So possibly for flights departing Canadian cities, may be better to wait for T-24. For flights leaving from other locales, YMMV.
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Will the price Im seeing to upgrade each segment change as OLCI time approaches? I am months away at this point so wondering if I should keep checking or wait til OLCI T-48 and cross fingers that its lower then. The current offer price is not tempting.
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Accepting offers between $1170-$1520.
Or I could have just paid the $500 spread at time of booking.
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Plusgrade: $310 to $380 for each leg, $310 plus your base fare would in any circumstance be more expensive than just booking Premium to begin with on that route.

At Check-in $150CAD Southbound and $110USD Northbound. There were empty seats in Premium at departure in both directions.

Plusgrade on Air Canada is just as asinine relative to every other paid upgrade opportunity.
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Originally Posted by precielous
T-3 1/3 months
Bid scale min $225 max $405
Currently put $235. Leaning towards going back to min if OLCI upgrade cost is likely lower than the minimum bid.

Last year, the YYCYHZ one got accepted with minimum bid $245.
Does anyone know how much the OLCI Y → PM upgrade costs for YHZ↔︎YYC?
Well, the bid is no more! My original YHZYYC flight got cancelled (but sigh, WestJet didn't bother informing me of this. No email, nothing. I found out about this because I happened to be looking up the fare information for that flight in EF to assess the likeliness of my bid clearing!! WestJet please.)
So I only had to pay for the fare difference. I ended up taking advantage of the 27% sale promo, and changed into Premium. The promotional Premium fare was less than the previous Economy fare + minimum bid amount, so it was no-brainer to grab it while it's there!
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bid: $410
Not accepted

bid: $410
Not accepted
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EF shows J1 but my ITR has 2 pax..
Invited and allowed me to bid for 2 J seats
submitted a minimum+10$ bid for 2x J
Is it normal for plusgrade to allow bids on inventory that doesn't exist? Especially if confirmed accepted offers are to be sent out T-73???
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Minimum bid was $350
Check in was $220 BUT was in USD not sure why, maybe to trick someone into thinking it was a lower price?
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Min Bid $40
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Minimum Bid $280 accepted
Hope the flight isn't cancelled!
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Question here rather than a bid success - hope OK to post.

I see mention of upgrading at OLCI. Is there a particular place this will come up in the OLCI flow, and are the costs published in advance? Do all pax see the options or is it selective?
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We have a 14 hour layover for our flight. Anyone know if we can buy upgrade for the 2nd leg when we check-in?
We're taking our chances on waiting until check-in because there the offer isn't great and the flight is short enough that we're fine with what we have even if we end up sitting apart.
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Does anyone who had a bid accepted know if they will accept it earlier than the 72-hour before departure? I've never done the bidding before and my flight is isn't until July. I'm wondering if they always make you wait or if they might accept it sooner if my bid was a little higher and for two people. Tyia.
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Originally Posted by jrh22aol
Does anyone who had a bid accepted know if they will accept it earlier than the 72-hour before departure? I've never done the bidding before and my flight is isn't until July. I'm wondering if they always make you wait or if they might accept it sooner if my bid was a little higher and for two people. Tyia.
Seemingly yes. Made an offer that was accepted on a Monday morning for a flight on a Saturday (so very slightly more than 120 hrs). Only caveat was that it was a very short flight where no reasonable person would pay to UG. I only did it to test if I would get more elite qualification than otherwise (answer was no). Cheap lesson though. $15 YYJ-YLW. Only one other pax in the DH8-400 cabin.
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Wrong amount in email ?

I put an offer for 2 pax for upgrade of $205
it shows
$195 CAD per Guest (2) total $205

the confirmation email said $205 grand total??

so now Im just wondering if accepted will we both be upgraded ?

all previous offers Ive made were correctly calculated

has this happened to others?

is it a blip?

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