The things WestJet has to put up with...

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The things WestJet has to put up with...

Check our this rant at WestJet’s social media team ... posted this morning (Sat, Feb 9).

No indication what flight this was, but it sounds like conditions at the arrival airport were awful. Two aborted landings, followed by a diversion to another airport (I assume after circling for quite some time.)

So, is this guy thankful for the skill and professionalism of the pilots for getting him on the ground, or for the fact that WestJet landed him safely in a multi-million dollar aircraft after burning tonnes of extra fuel??

Nope. Of course not. He’s angry at them for not giving him a full refund for the inconvenience. What the??!?

Argh. Anyone on Twitter ... please feel free to troll this winner.

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​​​​​He’s since added that it was WS 3528, YYZ to YUL.
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And now scrolling down a bit further in WestJet’s Twitter chatter, they’ve also been accused of theft twice in the past couple of hours:
  • One guy got home and couldn’t find his sunglasses, so he’s blasting WestJet online because, naturally, he has concluded that they opened his luggage and stole them from his bag.
  • Another guy is accusing them of “stealing” WestJet Dollars from his rewards account. Whatever happened, I’m sure that guy reached a logical conclusion before making such an accusation.
Any WestJetters reading this thread ... I feel for you. Do you get crazy people doing this to you every day?!?
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I’ve flown a lot. Like a whole lot. Occasionally you run across the odd CSR who is odd (OK, there is one duck at my home airport but she’s mostly harmless) but I’ve found most airline employees are trying to do their best. Honestly I think Canada has two excellent airlines, and I think Delta in the US pretty good.

I fly WJ because the schedules work well for me, they have a good on time rating, when things screw up they do their best to set things right, and 99% of their staff are terrific people. I wish I could say the same about the internet. I recently took a holiday from Twitter, and I haven’t been on Facebook for over a year. I find I am a lot happier.

1. I assume Trump ruined Twitter for everyone
2. The people up above use Twitter to bully staff at WJ and other companies because they can get away it
3. You couldn’t pay me enough krugerrands to be on the social media team at WestJet - those people are saints
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Looks like this was yesterday's flight.
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Originally Posted by tracon View Post
Looks like this was yesterday's flight.
I would disagree with the twitter guy. Failed attempt to land and diversion is not scary. These things happen.

What would be scary is an airline that prioritized on time arrival over safety and actively discouraged their pilots from aborted landings or diversion when it was the most appropriate course of action.

WestJet should hold firm on this one.
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Really making a social media impact here.
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