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Web check in

I haven't seen this question asked on the forum yet (if it was, I apologize in advance).

I have a reservation that was booked through West Jet's old reservation system and was wondering if I'll still be able to check in online and select seats 24 hours in advance?

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It's a crap shoot. I checked Ms. PE in on the Web last week for YEG-PSP. Yesterday I couldn't check her in for the return today. Hold times are stated to exceed 60 minutes. Last night after 30 minutes I gave up. This morning it hasn't changed other than they have added a message that if it's a pure cancellation to go straight to the Web. I try one more time this morning. Bingo, it works....


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The website now states that:

Please note that you are able to use our Web or Kiosk check-in for ALL bookings regardless of booking date.
So allegedly it should work. A friend had success this weekend in YYZ and YYC using the kiosk at the airport.

I managed to "cancel" online a booking I made three weeks ago, a flight for which I held two reservations (the second was $100 cheaper). "Cancel" meaning I filled out the form and am waiting for the agent on the other ened to cancel. This is after a very similar experience to PE's --> it took me until today to even get to the "your wait time is 60+ minutes". The last few times I called, it said "we're too busy, call later". Nice note today that I had to waste 30 seconds of my time listening to Sean Durfy apologizing again before telling me I had to wait an hour. Sigh.
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Perfect! I'm not as worried now. I'm going to try checking in online on Friday as soon as I can.

I know someone else who is flying tomorrow. They decided to call in to select their seats and such and it took about 25 minutes to speak to an agent.
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Wasn't working this morning, is working now. Just checked in.
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