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Centurion Jul 17, 02 12:52 am

Your trying to get out of terminal four garage at Sky Harbor and only three lanes are open and the rest of the lanes say closed... You hit the gas and head for the closed gate like your James Bond and your going to crash through the gate but you being just a mere mortal stop and use the automated system that to the best of my knowledge will always work EVEN IF THE LANE IS CLOSED. THIS SECRET CAN SAVE YOU 20 MINUTES!!!

tip 1. Hide your garage receipt in your car before you go on a trip so it does not get demagnitized.
tip 2. Have at least two credit cards with good mag stripes in case one credit card does not work.

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Tanic Aug 1, 02 8:59 pm

I always use the "closed lanes" for credit card exiting. Invariably someone will pull up in lane behind me then have no clue what to do when they reach the barricade with no attendant. D'Oh!

SkyTeam777 May 16, 03 9:40 am

Does this tip still work?


Centurion May 17, 03 11:47 pm

yes it still works, i recently did it again.

martin33 Apr 11, 04 12:25 pm

Originally Posted by Centurion
yes it still works, i recently did it again.

cool. how about now?

transporter99 Jun 10, 04 7:30 am

I'm interested in the tip and has anyone ever got caught and in trouble? :)

Wilbur Jan 13, 05 10:57 am

Still works just fine.

ITravelThereforeIam Mar 21, 05 5:46 pm

i wandered into this thread by accident a while back...and thank you soo worked for me in late February and I actually made it home in time for the west wing...i love FT :-)

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