Priority of Priority Baggage Tags

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Priority of Priority Baggage Tags

I flew back from London to New York recently and noticed three different types of priority tags placed on luggage:
  1. Premium
  2. Upper
  3. Priority
I hadn't seen that last one before, it is bright yellow and looks almost identical to SkyPriority tags used throughout SkyTeam, except it doesn't have the word "Sky" on it. I was flying Premium, but received Priority tags. (According to the JV T&C, as a DL DM I am eligible for "Upper Class priority baggage handling", though I'm pretty sure the only time I've ever received Upper tags are when I'm actually flying Upper.)

I would imagine in theory Upper bags are supposed to be delivered before Premium bags, but what about Priority bags? Are those "more important" than Upper because they are high tier FFs, or "less important" because they aren't a paid premium class?

In the end, none of this actually mattered as the bags were delivered to the belt in more or less random order, so I'm mostly asking out of curiosity...
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