Upgrading with miles - extra VS fees

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Upgrading with miles - extra VS fees

We've got an upcoming family trip, flying from MAN-MCO-MAN on a revenue fare, out in economy classic and back in PE. It's a family trip, so 2 adults and 1 child booked in.

I noticed that PE had opened with with upgrade availability with miles on the outbound leg, so decided to call in to sort the upgrade. YQ is the same in Y or PE, so just the difference in APD to pay, or so I thought. Was planning on 2 sets of the difference in adult APD (between Y and PE) as well as a full chunk of APD for the child ticket as my daughter would have to pay the full amount, as kids don't pay it in Y.

Agent is sorting it and comes back with a figure of almost 800 after speaking to ticketing. I was expecting a little under 400 for the APD costs. I asked for some info and they were quoting it as being APD (as expected), 25 extra each for YQ (we paid 100 each originally, same as now, so no idea why) and then 325 extra as they couldn't process the upgrade with miles on a child ticket and had to rebook it as an adult ticket, which this covered. They agent was very pleasant, but couldn't explain what the difference in cost was for, beyond 'making it an adult ticket'. I pushed back on why she was ok to travel back in PE on a child ticket and was told that that was ok on a revenue ticket and only miles encountered this problem. I did push it further and was told that someone would call back to check it and explain further.

No call back from Flying Club, so I called back earlier this evening. There was a note on my profile, but no record of who was due to call back. We started the process again, was quoted the APD amount and I questioned if that was the only cost. "Definitely" was the response - super stuff, well done VS etc. Off they went to process it, before a quick call with ticketing by the agent to sort something. 5 minutes later and I'm quoted 950. This time there is no additional YQ, just APD and and the need to charge over 500 to change a child ticket to an adult one to process the mileage upgrade. I questioned the difference in costs and suggested that it sounded like ticketing were just making figures up as they go along. Put on hold again and 5 minutes later I'm told that I can't upgrade a child ticket at all. I got the feeling that they didn't like me calling them out on the inconsistency, especially when I asked if they could review the recording earlier to understand why costs had increased.

I'd have happily paid the miles and APD (plus any change in YQ if that had changed for example), but I didn't see the point in paying an extra 400 for a non-existent YQ increase plus a charge for changing it to an adult ticket.

I'm happy to stick with what we've booked for this one, so no complaints on that score. I just wanted to check if the above is something others have encountered before, or is this a new VS revenue weeze that penalises trying to upgrade family travel for some bizarre reason.
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This sounds like ticketing incompetence rather than them deliberately trying to squeeze extra money. The agents are very reliant on what ticketing say, and if ticketing do not have their ducks in a row, the whole thing starts to fall apart.

I'd say you're absolutely right in pushing back, if only to force them to sort themselves out. It may also be worth reading the terms & conditions to see if anything in there clarifies things or helps in any way.

I don't know the solution, but I am interested to find out.
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