Best way to cancel/re-book a Reward Flight?

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Best way to cancel/re-book a Reward Flight?

Hello all, my name is Angel and this is my very post on FlyerTalk! I've actually been lurking for several years, but I am now in need of your expert help! I have searched the forums, and could not find the answer/advice I seek.

I need advice on the best way to go about making changes or cancelling/re-booking a single Reward flight. I currently have 2 one-way, Upper Class Reward Flights booked using Flying Club miles. Date of Departure is: Nov. 25 2019 SFO-LHR

The reason I need to make a change to one of the tickets is because my travelling companion, my niece, just found out that she is pregnant and her due date falls within our Travel dates...

In a perfect world, I would love to just be able to pay a fee and be able to change the name on the existing reservations to another niece. However, I have read the Virgin's T&C's and know that is not a possibility.
Needless to say I am a little stressed out about having to do all of this, but oh well - I' ll take it as a learning experience... Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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You need to call VS. You are right you can't just change a name so would need to cancel and start a new booking. Very few airlines allow for a name change on a ticket unless in some very specific circumstances such as a name change following marriage, divorce or adoption when it is clear it is the same person involved.

Don't just cancel Niece 1s ticket because there is no guarantee it would be immediately released back for people to be able to book.

If you phone the agent should be able to cancel on booking and then should be able put a hold on the reward seat whilst they book it for Niece 2.

Be very clear from the start what you are asking. Don't start by saying 'I need to cancel a ticket' and once that has been done ask to book for Niece 2

Say something like 'I need to cancel one ticket and then also book another identical one for the same dates but for someone else'

You'll have to pay the cancellation fee which I think is 35 / $50. And it's possible the VS surcharge fee part of the fare will have increased as well.
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Thank you so much UKtravelbear, this is exactly the type of advice I was seeking! I am feeling less stress now!
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BTW UKtravelbear, would this be the same procedure with BA? I also have a LCY-FRA Award Flight I need to do the same thing with... Thanks you!
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Ultimately there is no guarantee that any cancelled reward tickets will immediately go back into inventory.

However as @UKtravelbear says, your only hope is to talk to an agent and see if they can do something without simplying cancelling and hoping to see an award seat pop back up.

BA's agents are less helpful than VS. It's also fair to say that there shouldn't be too much problem finding 2 award seats to FRA, so you can easily cancel and rebook a different flight if necessary.

And as a tip... you would save lots of $$$ if you booked an award ticket on DL using your VS miles. Not to London though, but anywhere else in Europe. I say that because I believe surcharges have indeed increased on ex-USA J flights/rewards...
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Hi UKtravelbear and craigthemif!!

II thought I would let you know how my re-book/cancel with Virgin went. It was unexpectedly fantastic! I called the Flying Club number and explained my situation and what I wanted to do, to my surprise the CS Rep said she could do a name change - without any fees!

All that was required was for me to email them an official letter showing my nieces due date! So I emailed the letter and called the Flying Club line, and they changed the name on my booking - free of charge!

I lucked out on this one. Thank you both for your help, I really appreciated it. Cheers!
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That is brilliant!
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