Excellent VS Crew

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Excellent VS Crew

Not sure if this is the proper forum, but I just completed a JFK-LHR, then MAN-JFK trip on Virgin Atlantic and the cabin crew was absolutely excellent on both legs. I was in Premium Economy (upgraded from Economy Delight with miles) and I was astounded at how hard the crew works. No one walks slowly, but interactions with passengers were not rushed. There was no gathering in the galley while ignoring passengers, every request was accommodated, just complete professionalism all around. Far better service than BA.

Just want to say thanks to the crew, if they're reading.
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I would definitely recommend feeding that back to VS here.

I've had some excellent flights with Virgin, but in October I had a crew which really stood out above and beyond - I did give my compliments to the CSD on board, but also gave feedback via the website.

A had a call from VS a couple of weeks later to say thank you for providing the feedback and that it was recorded and passed on to all the crew.

I know it says "comment/complaint," but if you go into Feedback there is a compliment section.

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When it's good... its GOOD. And I always feed this back to the crew/FSM.

I've only had a couple of instances where it was so good that I sent an email in, but the last time I did, I had an email back quite quickly thanking me for the detailed report.

By shear chance, I ended up with the same FSM and First Officer on a flight a few weeks later and they acknowledged being aware of the positive feedback - so it does get passed on!
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A while ago I had an Upper Class return from HKG. I have no idea how they did it, but the crew on HKG to LHR were never there when I did not want them to be, and were always there when I wanted them.
Maybe they planted a bug in my brain?
I wrote in to Virgin to point out their brilliant service, and received a phone call a couple of days later to say that my thanks had been passed on, and thanking me for the compliments.
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